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Fabulous American-inspired Cookies.

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Cookie Space Nevers

<p> <strong>The short version, in order to not waste your time:</strong></p> <p> I am offering sample cookies for you to taste, before anything else, before requesting your support.</p>

Allocation of funds

<p>  </p> <p> The breakdown of the costs is as follows:</p> <p> - Planetary mixer: 600 Euro</p> <p> - Oven: 800 Euro</p> <p> - Fridge/Freezer: 700 Euro</p> <p> <strong>---&gt; These are the things that I need to fund with your help through KissKissBankBank</strong></p> <p>  </p> <p> Further costs:</p> <p> - Rent of the shop+kitchen: 1800 Euro for the first three months</p> <p> - Renovation: I expect around 800-1200 Euro</p> <p> - Ingredients and packaging needed for the launch: 250 Euro</p> <p> - Cash register: 160 Euro</p>



WALL OF FAME - You will get a huge Thank You from me in an e-mail (as well as personally, if you're in Nevers). And your name will be printed on the wall of fame in the store, alongside all other backers who have made this happen.

Estimated delivery: May 2017


2 COOKIES + COFFEE or HOT CHOCOLATE - Come by the store to have two cookies of your choice and a coffee or a hot chocolate and a chat with me. Plus: Wall of fame.

Estimated delivery: May 2017


BAKE LIKE A PRO - Baking with my help: you name the cookie recipe and I help you bake it. Perfect results! Choose a recipe that is giving you headaches and I will sort it out for you by e-mail, so that you can finally bake like a pro and have perfect results every time. Plus: Wall of fame.

Estimated delivery: May 2017


SURPRISE DELIVERY - A gift-wrapped cookie package, shipped to any address in France, containing 10 hugely delicious cookies of your choice and a personal handwritten message. Send this one to someone you love or treat yourself to a sweet surprise! Plus: Wall of fame.

Estimated delivery: June 2017


30 SIGNATURE COOKIES - Your choice of 30 signature cookies. Pick up at the store or free delivery within France. Plus: Wall of fame.

Estimated delivery: June 2017


A DAY IN OUR KITCHEN - Spend a day with us at the store's kitchen in Nevers, learning how to make all the cookie recipes you've dreamed about making yourself. You will bake with us and also develop a recipe that includes your favorite ingredients. You will, of course, take home everything you've baked during the day. Plus: Wall of fame.

Estimated delivery: June 2017


A YEAR FULL OF COOKIES - Come get a cookie and a coffee each day at the store, for a whole year. That's about 300 cookies and coffees! I can also do weekly or bi-weekly or monthly pickups, let me know how you prefer. Plus: Wall of fame.

Estimated delivery: June 2017

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