Crackity Flynn - Debut Album

Take part in the production of CRACKITY FLYNN's first album!

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Crackity Flynn - Debut Album



Crackity FLYNN are entering the studio for the recording of their first album!

We propose you to help us funding a part of it, and we are offering a few cool things in exchange! 


This is a campaign that would help us raising about 30% of the total cost of our album


Four years have elapsed since the recording of our first demo. We have never stopped playing gigs since then, opening for bands in Paris (like We Were Promised Jetpacks, Moving Mountains) or touring abroad in the UK. All this time spent playing, rehearsing and composing in order to feel ready for our first album. 






If we have not released more music in the meantime, it is precisely in the desire of a full-length album. A dozen songs that would represent the efforts of all these years spent as both musicians and friends.


The work has finally paid off because we are here today with more than twenty songs ready to be recorded. Thus, we have the choice and the amount required for producing a great album, the most coherent for us and for you.  





It is thanks to you that this album might become a reality. A lot of people have brought us their support throughout the years : helping us keeping on playing gigs,  and therefore, evolving musically. 


Thus, the different levels of funding have been designed to reward all those who believe in us, by offering simple and affordable packages that will be released in preview. 


Waar dient de collecte voor

Our main goal has always been to avoid the amalgam between French band and French sound. Our influences are mixed between the Scottish and the American scenes, that is the reason why we decided to record in Glasgow under the leadership of the producer Bruce Rintoul (Fatherson, WeCameFromWolves). 






So we set the fund raising to 3000€. It is the cost of the recording + the professional service of our Scottish producer. 



We specify that the money raised will represent 30% of the total cost of our album. The rest of it is entirely paid by Crackity Flynn


Sometimes fund raising projects exceed the expected goal. So if we reach and exceed the desired goal, the money will be a great help for us as it will be used as money for mixing and mastering the album, representing the remaining two thirds of the album's cost


We already committed to pay this amount with our own money, but any assistance will be greatly appreciated. If this project is successful, Crackity Flynn's first album will be mixed and mastered in the USA by Vince Ratti (Circa Survive, Daylight, Balance and Composure).  





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