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The project: With more than 14 years of experience in the field of health and sport, I opened my CrossFit gym in October 2020. The idea is to create a health and fitness center around CrossFit methodology with the highest standards. After more than a year of fighting to keep the gym open we are coming close to 100 members, our community is growing strong. The CrossFit Explore Team: Yann Guermeur, Owner, Headcoach (coach CF level 3) and Manager. I had been a sports coach for three years when I discovered CrossFit. I have always loved my job, certainly because of helping people be healthier (physical and mental). However, I was missing something. The fitness approach I was using was not comprehensive enough. Working muscle by muscle and limiting yourself to certain parts of the body weren't getting enough results and wasn't really fun, that too for my clients. When I first tried CrossFit, I felt so alive… and a little stiff too I admit. I had found a sport that would give me a hard time and the adrenaline needed to go further, to exceed my limits. The idea of ​​opening my own gym dates back a long time. This is a project that has matured throughout my career and which can benefit today from an expertise that of course I did not have at the beginning. My philosophy is to try to bring me closer to excellence in my work, among other things by continuously training myself, in order to bring the maximum of my knowledge to my clients. I am now "Crossfit Level 3", which corresponds to the highest level of training in Brussels area. At this point in my career, it's time for me to take the reins and work with coaches who have the same vision of CrossFit, but also to continue to coach because I have to admit that I love it. The end of all this is that our members want to come and train at CrossFit Explore, that they have fun, that they see the result and above all, that they come back because they are convinced of our approach. Here, no unhealthy competitive spirit. Everyone tries to overcome their own limits with one watchword: first master the technique. Jesus Cosio Gomez, Coach CrossFit Level 1, Active Life Immersion Graduate (He's actually smiling a lot normaly :-) Monday afternoon at 18:00 in the year 2015. That’s when I decided to book my trial CrossFit class in a small box in Mexico City. Coming from a martial arts background when I was a kid and then transitioning into MMA and kickboxing with a couple of tournaments here and there, I thought I would just enjoy the class and then go back to doing martial arts. I had never been so naive. I signed up immediately after the class. I realized there is a tremendous potential for health, physical and mental development in this sport that you can rarely get in any other. Everything you can do can always be done either faster, with better technique, with more weight, at a higher difficulty, you name it. The limits, you set them yourself and I found that being true for life and for this sport in particular. After coaching in 3 different countries I also realized a common theme in the active population: people limit the activites they enjoy by what their body can or can't do. I believe it should be the other way around. The things you enjoy in life shouldn't be limited by your body. I am convinced there are various ways to cure and get rid of thoses aches and pains that come from physical activity or even aging whitout skipping a sesion in a gym. I found this is what matters to me the most: It's to be able to help people in the gym so that they can enjoy life outside. Timothée Dufrasne, Coach CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Kids As a basketball player as a kid, I gave myself 300% and was very team oriented. Unfortunately, I had to stop due to a back injury. I then moved to Brussels and studied physiotherapy and psychomotor skills. At that time, I was working in a fitness center and mainly doing running. I was bored until I discovered CrossFit on the internet. What a shock ! I immediately imagined doing what I saw on the screen, precise movements, high intensity and very varied. In 2016, I tried a class for the first time. I immediately hooked. What do we actually do at CrossFit Explore? We offer a 330m2 environment dedicated to CrossFit on a well-known artery in Brussels, Avenue Louise. Several options: • Group lessons for a maximum of 12 people to ensure optimal quality of coaching. The coaches are present for 60 minutes with the members for the smooth running of the course as well as to ensure the right level of technicality to avoid injuries and progress correctly. • Beyond group lessons, we also offer individual screenings that provide an overview of potential physical restrictions and sources of injuries that could go unnoticed. This screening can be followed by 5 individual coaching sessions in order to deepen the results detected during the first session. • There is also Open Gym (with or without specialized programs). • Private coaching sessions. • And Team Building activities for companies. CrossFit Explore is above all an adventure that puts people at the center of its concerns. The goal is to improve the quality of life of its members. One last video to show you our mindset ;-)

Allocation of funds

Why crowdfunding: After a great opening mid-october 2020 followed by the second lockdown just before the end of the same month. A restart in early june 2021 (sumer being the worst time to open a gym) and a start where we have to face people afraid of commitment since everybody talk about lockdown again :-( In spite of the 83 courageous members ;-) the lack of government aids the funds will be mainly use to breath until the number of members are sufficient, and of course if we would be collecting more than expecting we would upgrade our service purchasing missing equipment such as ropes, 3 foam boxes (200€), 4 ski ergs (900€), 1 Bike erg (1200€), west side scout hyper (365€), 3 bench (270€) etc...) Cheers


Wall of Fame


Your name on the Wall Of Fame and drinking coffee (or some'else) with an awsome coach ;-)

Wall of Fame (in capital letters ;-)


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Your name on the Wall Of Fame and drinking coffee (or some'else) with not one but two awsome coaches ;-)



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A t-shirt with a mountain on it...... c'mon!

1 Tee, 2 sweats


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That's ...... hell of help :-) You'll have 2 sessions (to meet Kick ass coaches) and an awesome t-shirt

1 Tee, 4 sweats


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You are blowing my mind You'll have 4 sessions (to meet may be all Kick ass coaches) and an awsoooome t-shirt

1 Tee, 6 sweats


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I just don't know what to say ! You'll have 6 sessions (trying to get to meet all Kick ass coachec) and an awsooome t-shirt

10 Sessions cards


Card with 10 sessions/classes on it. Normally 180€. No need to say anything Plus: as many coffee as you want with the team ;-) (wo do love coffee :-)

On Ramp Program


    6 sessions with a coach with flexibility analysis followed by sessions on how to modify/change mouvements/positions for practicing CrossFit safely. Normally 250€. You're going to meet your first CrossFit buddy !!!! yeah

    1 year of CrossFit


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    Unllimited sessions for 12 months either in group classes or open gym. Normally 1344€. ???? such a weird number, we thought about rounding it up but we're not like everyone !!!! Not only Kick ass coaches but you'll get new Super friends

    VIP / LIFETIME membership


      You want to feel at home and be working out with everyone including coaches when you feel like it. With benefits of talking/learning from the coaches themselves (whenever they are at the gym :-) It's like having a personal trainer with you always ;-) Don't miss the chance to invest and improve on your life/health. Normally 8700€ We are no talking friends anymore... we're talking family ! That is just stealing !

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