Cuisine solidaire pour la communauté de Tankarpata, Pérou

Support the creation of a kitchen for the families of the Tankarpata's community in Peru. They are counting on you !

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ESCD3A ondersteunt het project: Cuisine solidaire pour la communauté de Tankarpata, Pérou

Cuisine solidaire pour la communauté de Tankarpata, Pérou

We are a team of 6 students in a business and development school (ESCD 3A, Africa, America, Asia) who are willing to take a solidarity action in Peru. For this, we are working for a local association in the region of Cusco in the southern part of the country: CooperarPeru

For what cause CooperarPeru is working?

In January 2010, pouring rains were falling onto Cusco for many weeks and had for consequences to cause catastrophic floods along with landslides or even the destruction of some infrastructures, etc. The occidental medias who were focused on the Haitian at that moment, didn’t talked a lot about those rains who were without equivalent for the last 15 years. Thus, they simply evoked the case of a few tourists who were forced to be evacuated from the Inca Trail, but no one will talk about the situation numerous Peruvian families where in, who were left in oblivion. That is the departure point of CooperarPeru.

This association want to help and contribute to improve the development of the peasant community of Tankarpata. (It’s particularly interested of the fate of the children.) This community is living at less than half an hour from the historical center of Cusco and yet, this proximity does not assure them an access to clean water or any infrastructures like sewers. Those facts affect directly onto health, living conditions of the families as well as the school development of children. Nowadays, the association is working in the field of education, health and communitarian development.

What will be our mission on site?

The three students who will go this summer will ensure and participate in the implementation of the kitchen inside the office of CooperarPeru located in the village where is living the Tankarpata community. They will also take part of school support programs and education among the families of the importance of a good hygiene for the building of great future.

How have we determined our action?

We have decided to concentrate our efforts on the access to a good nutrition for the Tankarpata community, which is primordial and allow the children to stay healthy. Because they will be healthy and well fed, the children will be able to follow a scholarship with better conditions and will also benefit from support programs that CooperarPeru is putting in place since 2011.

We had long talks with CooperarPeru because we wanted to participate in a project that the population really need, and the association is the best placed to know what the needs of the community are since they are present in their everyday life.

Waar dient de collecte voor

What end will serve the fundraising?

We have defined a budget of 6 000 € for the achievement of the project: 50% of the sum will be given to CooperarPeru and the other 50% will serve to finance the transport cost of 3 of our teammates that will go on site to take part in this solidarity mission (plane tickets).

We already possess 3000 € to finance the cost of the travel of the 3 students who will be engaged with CooperarPeru in the role of volunteers during the month of June 2018.

Now, we need you, your donations but also your relation network to provide support to the Tankarpata community so they can improve their living conditions. We desire to do our very best to try to reduce the economic and social inequalities that the community is victim.

The sum of money that will be given to CooperarPeru will be directed essentially to the founding of kitchen fully equipped who will be at the disposal of the families. The goal to the construction of this kitchen is to find an efficient answer to the grave problem of undernutrition which the Tankarpata community is facing. This project also aims to raise awareness from the population on the importance of hygiene in their daily life and to improve the quality of the latter.

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