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UPSIDE/DOWN Exhibition Project

<p>This exihbition<strong> </strong>concept<strong> UPSIDE DOWN</strong> covers a unique experience in a historical period that no one will never forget.</p> <p>During the lockdown, I was surrounded by the infinity of empty spaces. While in Rome, I often looked up at the sky, our envy Roman sky, and thought that just before the pandemic I was about to leave, ready to go to Syria for a photo project linked to music in the war territories.</p> <p>Did I want to document a war? I was satisfied anyway.</p> <p>From the beginning of March until May 4th I toured all of Rome, with the face mask, the journalist&#39;s pass and the coffee thermos, dated 1974.</p> <p>I lay on the ground looking for the right angle, because there is only one right angle, the others are wrong. I need this position to portray Rome, as I see it today, as I see it, just as the Romans could not see it locked in their homes.</p> <p>Such a great commitment was the emptiness!</p> <p>The void was unbearable!</p> <p>The swarming of people had prevented me, during fifty-four years of Roman life, from clearly distinguishing every road surface, every carpet of &quot;sanpietrini&quot; and the marble slabs of every single step. The details were now all available to me, without the need to build a set or to imagine them.</p> <p>And thus was born the urgency to put limits on that vastness to avoid, perhaps, my own bewilderment.</p> <p>Humbly, but consciously, I resorted to the metaphysical elements of Dechirichian inspiration, projective of each one&#39;s intimate experience.</p> <p>Maestro Giorgio de Chirico, in the series of &quot;Metaphysical Squares&quot; explaining the birth of &quot;Enigma of an autumn afternoon&quot;, declared that he had been a vision, as if he had &quot;seen those things for the first time and the composition was revealed to him in the eye of the mind&quot;.</p> <p>Photos taken with Hasselblad SWC with&nbsp;ILFORD HP5 film&nbsp;</p> <p><img alt="" src="" width="100%" /></p> <p>Danilo Mauro Malatesta was born in Chicago in 1966 and has been involved in photography since the age of 20.<br /> From 1986 to 1999 he collaborated as a photojournalist for important newspapers (Corriere della Sera, Repubblica, Time, Panorama, Espresso, Paris Match) which allowed him to tell, through his shots, crucial historical moments.<br /> Despite the digital deluge, his heart pushes him against the current, so much so that he rediscovers an ancient photographic technique such as the Wet Plate Collodion. A photograph on the fringes of contemporary photography that the artist defines as &quot;a therapy against the digital bombing we are experiencing&quot; His most important works have been exhibited in prestigious frames:<br /> The &quot;Shroud of glass&quot; at the Turin Shroud Museum<br /> &quot;De Secunda Pietate&quot; at the church of Sant&#39;Andrea al Celio in Rome<br /> &quot;The voiceless shadows of the Omo Valley&quot; in Tokyo at the Metropolitan Museum.<br /> &quot;Around the wall&quot; Ferrara festival Authors Travel Diaries.<br /> &quot;Upside / down&quot; Rome Papa Agapito Library 1</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

Allocation of funds

<p>The funds raised will be used to finance UPSIDE DOWN exhibition.</p> <p>Here&#39;s more details for what is&nbsp;needed:</p> <p>33 prints on silver paper size 50x50 cm</p> <p>33 frames with glass size 50x50 cm.</p> <p>7 prints on silver paper size 100x100cm.<br /> 7 frames 100x100 cm</p> <p>1 advertising banner 100x300cm.<br /> 7 frames</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>


Upside Down/ Piramide Celsia Rome


Estimated delivery: January 2021

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