Dans ma bulle... de miel...

Bees are dying day after day, please help me to save them!

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Dans ma bulle... de miel...

I aim to start again thanks to you and this funding will allow me to install other hives around my home. to allow to harvest different types of honey but also to allow the bees to repopulate different place in my area.


It's not a secret, bees are in great danger.  Many af them are dying every years. 


Like most beekeepers I can see the damage, which are as and the years more and more strong. For the beginning of the year 2015 can be seen between 60 and 80% of colony losses. - Pesticides: bees bring back the contaminated nectar to the hive and this leads to their loss. - Too clement winter: winter bees dies too early in the season to forage . normally they are supposed to stay inside the hive to protect the queen from the cold


My name is Didier, I'm 35 years old -  I have passion for beekeeping since childhood.


As soon as I got the opportunity, I could buy a house with enough land to install beehives so I say to myself ... let's go!. I went to school to learn beekeeping since 2 years. I learn how to manage these animals so useful to our daily diet.


I built an apiary in the bottom of my garden, it is ideally placed and allows foraging  to my small protected  throughout the year.




Possessor of 6 hives since last year, what was my sadness to see 4 out of the 6 dead in late winter. The hives are full of food but no bee are inside.




In spite of this hard blow, I remain extremely motivated, I plan to improve their housing environment by building an apiary covered to protect them from bad weather, buy bees colonies and also new hives .







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I intend to build a covered shelter around my hives, this will protect them from the rain and wind + - 1,000€


The purchase of 10 bee colonies Apis mellifera mellifera race (or black bee ) (+ - 180 € per colony -> 1800€)



The purchase of hives (type Dadant 10 frames and Dadant 6 frames), equipment to treat (winter treatment and nourishment) and equipment for the extraction - € 1,200 Added to this is the percentage of KissKissBankBank and we arrive at 4500 € in total for the project If the objective is exceeded, this will allow me to buy new colonies or material to look after the best of my protected.

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