Help us go to the UDO in Glasgow to represent France

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DAUNTLESS is a group of 8 hip hop dancers put together in January 2016. After following a dance course from september within the Misfits Academy (Nantes), the group was created in order to participate in two international competitions : Hip Hop International (HHI) and United Dance Organisation (UDO).  






Following these two championships and for a first participation, we finished Vice champions of Europe at the UDO and also 4th place at HHI France. We are therefore qualified to participate at the UDO World Finals in Glasgow (Scotland) and are goind to represent France and Misfits Academy at the international event. Being a recent crew, with members who are mainly students, we need you to help us financially to be able to achieve our project and confront the best teams in the world.  


                                                        UDO EUROPE 2016 (VICE CHAMPIONS)




                                                                         HHI FRANCE 2016



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Here is the detail of our budget for 7 people, from the 18 to the 21 of August 2016 :


- Flight : 1800€ round trip Paris/Glasgow.

- Train and Bus trips (Nantes - Paris + other) : 300€.

- Accomodation for 3 nights in Glasgow : 1200€.

- Registration to the event : 700€.

- Everyday expenses : 420€.



The total is 4420 €, which is a very large budget for our young group. To be able to reduce the costs, we will :


- Organize dance workshops.

- Use our personnal  savings.

- Organize shows.

- Collaborate with brands.




We are trying to find as many ways possibleto finance this project but we need help to collect the totality of the budget without which we cannot go to Glasgow. Your donations will go towards the flight and accomodation. If ever we exceed the budget, we will be able to improve our costumes and would like to organize events in Nantes.




Our team is very motivated after our first year competing in two dance championships. Our ranking born from several months of work, good team cohesion, motivation and help from dancers in Nantes. We are doing everything to come home with 1st place, since the european championship we haven't stopped ourselves to succeed. We would like to thank everyone who has participated near or far, who has donated or shared our fund. Thanks also to Philemon our coach, Wade our co-choreographer and the Misfits Academy for creating our crew Dauntless.

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We're close to our objective, thankyou ! A dedicated message with a photo of the team will be sent to you !
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We are very grateful !! With the rewards above we invite you to come to see one of our shows !
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What else to say ? Thank you so much for your participation ! We invite you to come to our training session and you can learn a choreography of your choice !
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