Dead Links - Episode 1

Dead Links a web-series in which the dead come back to life... Help "Dead Links" to come to life.

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Dead Links - Episode 1

DEAD LINKS is a fantastic web series about 30mins/episode combining mystery, drama, tension and magic.




April, a young student from Porpington has lost her mother in a terrible accident. Alone, she now faces new responsibilities, caring for her little sister. April can count on the support of her two best friends, Jessica and Eileen. While April tries to find a semblance of stability, the girl is violently stabbed, she thinks she has recovered from her injuries unscathed but she soon discovers that she has in fact died and this enables old secrets to resurface.




Melanie Sitbon in the role of AprilApril-1413899956


Laura Nappey in the role of Jessica



Nao Soraya Baha in the role of Eiyleen



Julien Manicon in the role of Christophe 



Camille Février in the role of Kelly



Justine Carette in the role of Oksana



Christopher Lopez in the role of Kevin



Joelle Luthi in the role of Sandra



Axelle Viala in the role of Abigail 



Rose Husson in the role of Colleen



Charlotte Hervieux in the role of Itzel 



Diane De Choisy in the role of Rebeckah





We have always been very inspired by the fantasy world of TV shows, series such as "Charmed" or "Supernatural" and films like "The Exorcist", "Meet Joe Black" as well as urban legends and myths, so we decided to write a script of 10 episodes based on the mysteries of life after death and we have mixed this with characters from folklore not really present in current TV shows.




"And if one day you discover that your world has not always been inhabited by living beings" ... well it's a little starting point for "Dead Links". We have always been fascinated by .... life after death, and it is in the light of the movie "Meet Joe Black" by Martin Brest, that the script of "Dead Links" was born. We did not want to create a series that revolves only around death. Since childhood we have been immersed in the world of fantasy which is why the web-series is a mixture of realism and fantasy with characters from mythological hardly mentioned . We want to give our web-series quite a dark feel which is also reflected in our artistic choices especially concerning the light. In some scenes there will be a cold light, slightly bluish colors to remind the audience of the constant presence of death that surrounds our characters.

Despite this gloomy side, our characters are young students and some of them are extravagant and funny which will give energy, movement and a touch of humor to the web-series. Our characters will be faced with events both fantastic but realistic, family problems, self-doubt and questioning, learning, love ... Things that every young student can identify with. Regarding the rhythm of the web-series, it is true that the intrigues will be develop slowly , but the pace will still be fast enough due to the action scenes, some scenes are a little calmer allowing viewers to reflect on the issues raised by the web-series. We want to make sure that the audience is involved with our characters and avidly waiting for the end of the story. We chose a thirty-minute format to give enough information in the episodes so that viewers are not hammered by too much information and so that they can enjoy the development of the plot of this web-series.




Naoumi Baha -




Laura Nappey -





Canon 5D Mark III 




Zoom H6


Thank you all for the help and financial support, even share and talk about the project around you is already a big help!

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All actors and actresses, as well as the technical team are volunteers on the project.    

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