Deep South Maldives, the Hidden Paradise...

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Deep South Maldives, the Hidden Paradise...

In love with the Ocean, Akram and I work together since 2014

We know each other and worked together in different structures such as Safari Dive Boat and Resorts.

The job opportunities are more concentrated on the North part of Maldives, most of the Maldivian migrate to the north leaving their family at their home island or move definitely to the capital city, leaving behind the Nature for a concrete jungle.

Akram was talking about his island as a Unique place in the Maldives. Indeed, I came for a visit, and I LITERALLY fall in love with the place! Such a virgin place!

I asked him why he is not staying there?

"There is no job" was his answer.

So, let's create some job opportunities...

I had one condition, not using plastic!

While I discovered his island, knowing the Maldives from North to South, I was seduced. The Lagoon has corals ALIVE, who hasn't been touched by the serious bleaching over the year. The Lagoon is a succession of 96 small islands over 35km, forming the largest continuous barrier reef in the Maldives. We are meeting Dolphins, turtles at every boat trip and the atoll is famous for Whale shark already.

In a  tourism virgin area, help us to participate to the creation of our Guesthouse ZERO PLASTIC and etical ( local craft, local agriculture, sustainable energy)

The company is created already. A lawyer based in Male has been hired to protect us with lease agreement and the financial plan regarding investment.  Our lawyer is taking care of the admin part, the relation with the ministry of tourism and all other files to create regarding different licence to obtain. We are waiting for the last licence to receive to open and operate a guesthouse.

We develop a small local tourism place, conserving the ethic for nature. Our guests will sleep on wood sourcing beds, with organic cotton bedsheets, and will taste local sourcing products. The ultimate goal would be to produce our own drinking water and at least 25% of our energy.

We will need to hire a minimum of 4 persons, a gardener, a housekeeper, a cook and a captain leading 4 families to access work in their own home island.


Waar dient de collecte voor

The crowdfunding campaign will help us to achieve 4 primary actions and wishes:

- Level 1:     3 500 Euros

To source our wood furnitures locally: beds, seats, shelves and even our wash bassin!!! The goal is asking a carpenter to create such furnitures and avoid to buy as much as possible in shops.

Our objective: ZERO PLASTIC! Sourcing glass, wood, stainless steel, inoxydable and cotton is way more expensive than plastic and more voluminous. In a country where everything is imported, the cost of a guesthouse zero plastic is 40% more expensive.

Regarding the wood, we will use the famous maldivian coconut tree and the beach hibiscus with the help of a carpenter to set up our rooms, kitchen and lobby area.

The stainless steel and inox for the bathroom equipment and kitchen are 4 times more expensive than plastic one. We target as much as possible the zero plastic way of life.

- Level 2 :     5 500 euros

Producing our Drinking water. To ban totally from our daily life industrialized plastic bottled water we will buy an osmosis and filtered system in order to be autonomous in water supply.

- Level 3:     7 500 euros

To build an extra room and reach a 4 rooms guesthouse. This room number 4 will justify the hire of 4 full time employees and lead our project to serenity.  We relocate the small trees which were already growing in the area where we will build the room number 4.

We relocate 4 coconut trees, and 5 banana trees, as well as ferns on the land in front of our guesthouse given by the island council in exchange of the process of taking care of the land. The island council welcomed with joy the idea of our local tourism development. 

- Palier 4:     12 000 euros

To produce our energy. We would like in a bigger picture to finance a part of our energy and buy solar panels to cover 25% of our energy. That 's our medium term achievement.

For the financement plan, Bank of Maldives has registered the bank account of Pauline in France as the foreign investor bank account. Pauline has signed a contract with Akram as a foreign investor contract, and will receive a work permit elaborated by the lawyer in Male, as soon as the Operating licence of the company is obtained.

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