Des pellicules pour un grand voyage argentique

Help me fill my backpack with films and receive print photographies from India, Sri Lanka and Japan !

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Des pellicules pour un grand voyage argentique

My name is Sarah, I just turned 25 and I currently live in Lyon. I write "currently" because I have always loved to wander, be it for travels with my family, for my studies or my work. You're likely to come across me with a suitcase or a backpack. 


I just quit my Parisian job in a start-up to dive entirely into what I like the most: Film Photography. 


You know, these old cameras sleeping in the attic of your grand-parents. With the heyday of digital photography, this historic art has faded over the years. But for me nothing replaces the magic and the beauty of silver photographic print. Colors, grain, black & white - everything is more intense and deeper. 



After six months of theorical and practical classes in the laboratory, I decided to take my camera and my backpack and devote time to my passion. So I'm flying March 15th to India, Sri Lanka and finally Japan. The project is to collect numerous portraits and realize a photo essay dedicated to the people met on the way. A photographic journey that will last 70 days. 



But film photography has a cost, much more consequent than digital which allows you to take thousands of images. This technique requires to be equipped with films, to develop them in the laboratory and then to scan them on a computer. It's simple: to get thirty photos, you have to pay around 20€.


This project is therefore expensive, that is why I need a boost in the hope of not being limited during this great journey. 


Thanks to the paper format of film photography, all the people supporting this project will receive one (or more) printed photography, testimony of a moment of this adventure. 


A bit as if you accompanied me on this journey!


Waar dient de collecte voor

Here is exactly how this fundraising will be reinvested: 

50 films Kodak Professional Portra (about 8 €): 400 €

50 laboratory developments (about 10 €): 500 €



March 15th - April 15th: South India

April 15h - May 1st: Sri Lanka

May 1st -  May 23rd: Japan

June - mid July: Film developing, prints, digitization

End of July: Photographies sent by post 

The journey goes even further as I dream of organizing an exhibition on my return. If the amount is reached, the rest will be used for printing and framing. 


                                   A HUGE THANK YOU in advance!

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