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Monday, February 11, 2013
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Des Ragondins et des Hommes (Of Copyu and Men) is a web series asking a simple question: “Would you help a total stranger facing a difficult situation?”/ Florent will drag Ben, and then Marion, into that so-called “altruistic” adventure: helping your fellow. Bad luck for them, just like the copyu (or “nutria”) they are more of a pest to their environment than a helping hand! This black humoured comedy, leaning sometimes towards the absurd, develops its own suspense and plot, as it goes closer and closer to the thriller, to make you laugh and sometimes reflect on things. / The series is already counting 6 episodes, and there are 3 more left to finish the first season. It's in order to shoot those last episodes in the best conditions that we are asking for your help!

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Des Ragondins et des Hommes



The Pitch:


Something we've all experienced: someone is having a problem in the street.


A long moment passes, we think to ourselves that it doesn't concern us, we're scared a bit, then we react.


Most of the time the situation doesn't need anyone else to be settled.


Otherwise we get involved, we just don't stand here, we just can't stand that injustice when we see it.


From that point, how do things happen? Most of the time it's embarrassing, sometimes funny, and in worst case scenarios it's dangerous.


This is what Flo, an idealist guy, is going to drown himself into. Killing his daily routine by searching in those situations for something worth the efforts.


The problem is that doing his best is not exactly doing good, and he'll do even worse when it comes to helping people. :)


The original mind set in which the series was developed is a cynical realism (conveying humour). Just wanting to be a hero doesn't make you one, Flo and his mates will learn this soon enough.



The ones to blame :




A young writer (Malik Derdek), grown up in the web culture, inspired by the quality of other self-produced web series (“Le Visiteur du Futur”, “J'ai jamais su dire non !”, etc.) decided to create his own fiction on the internet.


Appealed by the hybrid format of web series, giving a complete freedom in terms of creation, he gave the project to his director friend (Juliette Bailly). Just with to the two of them, they brought together a one-of-a-kind team whose members share the same passion. From audiovisual techniques students, to schools 3IS and ESRA, Cinema faculty students, and actors.


In the organised mayhem of a shooting: a camera operator fond of coarse jokes, an assistant director with delay-proof timings, a audio engineer sleepy as fuck, a script supervisor quick on the draw, and managers with their own definition of gastronomy...


What first was a basic humour based fiction project, turned through their influences (Desproges, Les Inconnus, Arnaud Tsamere, Jeremy Ferrari for the humour part. Detective fictions and film noir for the scenario), into a darker series, almost a crime fiction, still heavily humoured and even quirkier than before.


The series has been in shooting for several months now (since September 2012), we provide a regular and original content (episodes, extra features, shooting pictures) as well as a weekly stream of teasing trailers and promotional photos.


We are committed to keep you informed of the project developments (by making-of, pictures...) during the funding period (and after too!) here and on our social network pages too:


Sur notre page Facebook


Notre chaine Youtube


Et notre Twitter



Les Ragondins (reading is ok but let's give you somme videos too!)



Florent Limonaire: trained very young at the Théâtre Aleph, he acted later at the Théâtre Duende and then in several short films.




Jean-Claude Voza: trained at the Blanche Salant et Paul Weaver international workshop, he's putting on an original adaptation to the character of Ben, like the role was tailored to him.





Marion Plantier: a young editor, aiming for directing. She also has a passion for acting and lends herself to it most willingly!



The Guests




Claire Pérot: singer, comedian and actress, her reputation is already well-established. For those who wouldn't know her, I give to you the leading comedian in the musical theater “Cabaret” (Sally Bowles), in “Mozart, l'opéra rock” (Constance Weber) after that, before coming back to Cabaret in 2011. She confirms her acting skills on screen in “A bout portant” (Fred Cavayé).

Here she plays herself – not too seriously! – in our series from the episode 4 onward.





Pierre-Jean Cherer: actor and comedian since the 80's, for both theatre and television films, trying to sum up his career would already take a lot of time (so google it!). He is now preparing a one-man show entitled “Le jongleur de courant d'air”, and soon he'll be in a movie for cinema “Nenette” (by Josianne Balasko).

His experience is an undeniable advantage in our series, starring in the episode 3, he's coming back for our great pleasure in the last three episodes.





Louis Bujeau: young talented actor, and soon-to-be director, his name is maybe already known to you. None other than the son of Christian Bujeau (the armorer in “Kaamelot”, and the doctor in “Les Visiteurs”). With nothing to pale in comparison to other actors of the same generation, he's already proved his skills at theatre in a lot of plays (recently “Les Célibataires” played at La Comédie des 3 bornes).

He plays Lieutenant Lamarre in the series from the episode 6 onward.

Waar dient de collecte voor

First of all, thank you for taking the time to read about our project even if you choose not to take part in it. Please talk about it around you, young creators wouldn't be able to produce original project if not for you!


The money collected by this funding will cover the expenses necessary for the shooting of the episodes 7, 8 and 9 (shot in one work session).


- We are lucky to have a whole team of volunteers, technicians as well as actors, working with us since the beginning! They work hard and don't expect anything back from it, and we can't thank them enough for that! -  We are also lucky to own most of the equipment (camera, microphones) and to be lent the rest (lightning instruments, audio equipment, etc.) by several professionals supporting us (Kiron TV, EMC school, ESRA school, colleagues...).


Funding Fees: 370e


- 8% of it is taxed by investment banks and the Kiss Kiss Bank Bank platform: 80e

- The rewards: 30 posters (50e), 50 DVD (60e), 10 CD et 10 cases (30e) : 140e

- Delivery fees for the rewards: 150e


Shooting expenses : 630e


- Management expenses (supply for 15 people over 3 weekends) : 270e

- Travel expenses (gas): 50e

- Travelling expenses of actors (out of Paris region) : 200e

- Equipment renting: 30e

- Accessories purchase: 80e


As the cost estimation is already using the whole sum, all additional funds will be entirely used for the public showing (music group wage, room decoration, actors travel expenses, etc.).

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Series' poster + Your name in the "Thanks" part of the closing credits + Previous rewards
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Customised keep case of the first season (DVD, CD of the OST and poster signed by the team) + Previous rewards
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A drink with the team after the showing + Credited as “Co-Producer” in the closing credits + Previous Rewards
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Invitation to a shooting day of one the last episodes, supervised by the team shooting the making-of + Previous rewards
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