Devenir professeur de méditation transcendantale

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Devenir professeur de méditation transcendantale


   Dear Friends,

   My name is Charly Quéheille, and I am fortunated to be applying for the TM Teacher Training Course (TTC) this summer in Thaïlande (September 2019). I learned Transcendental Meditation seven years ago, and have been an enthusiastic TM-Sidha since August 2017. I have been enjoying working with the TM center of Brussel (Belgium) on the FRIENDS project – to implemente TM on europen school, since March 2018.

I am 29 years old, from Bayonne (France), with training and experience as project manager, organiser for youth camps, and naturopath. Therefore, I was volunteer at Meru in 2017.

TTC will be the keystone that will bring all these helping professions together, helping to make people happy.Transcendental Meditation and its teaching are the simplest and most powerful way I know fordeveloping consciousness and finding inner happiness.

My motivation

Teaching is my highest motivation. Based on my experience in this field I am very receptive to both young students and teachers. I am convinced that TM and the Maharishi AyurVeda perspective of health would be an invaluable asset to counter violence and un-healthy patterns.

The simplicity and power of the TM technique make it a very meaningful tool which offers answers to many problems at the individual and collective levels.
I plan to teach in Belgium, notaly in school thanks to the FRIENDS project. Then I plan on starting project srelated to youth and education1, encompassing the population in need, such as students and immigrants. Through it, I look forward to actively contributing to raising the collective consciousness.

My TM Teacher Training Course

My TTC will be held in Thailand starting in September 2019. The cost is €17,000. From my own resources and existing sponsors I will be able to cover half of this amount. This means that I still need to find €8,000.

I kindly ask you to assist me to realize my dream and become a Transcendental Meditation Teacher. I shall be very thankful for any contribution you may be able to make.

Whatever the amount : €15, €50, €500, your intention will help create a synergy that will help me reach my goal.

If you would like more information, or to support me with different means, give me advices, or simply chat, I warmly invite you to add me on Skype (charnya64)

Thank you in advance for helping me to achieve my dream. Your donations will be very much appreciated. Please pass this email on to all your friends.

Jai Guru Dev

Charly Quéheille


Video of the EUROPE project. TM on school in Portugal :


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My goal on Kiss Kiss Bank Bank is only about 2.000 € for convenience purpose.

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