Dimpa - A school for deaf children

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Dimpa - A school for deaf children


Many children living with a disability (deaf, hard-of-hearing, dumb, or with intellectual disabilities) suffer from an important isolation and social exclusion, because of a lack of academic and skills trainings. Since they are considered as unproductive and disabled, these youngsters are frequently abandonned by their families and communities, uncapable of taking care of them.

However, in Africa and especially in Congo, this part of the population could be a great opportunity for the countries to develop.

That's why the international Mission DIMPA-IESRM France decided to tackle this issue.

The school aims to help the youngsters with a disability to find their way in the society by offering them an academic and specific education, supplemented by technical and social trainings.

DIMPA school was founded by Ange-Laurent Coddy, a native of the city of Ouesso, and helps about 50 students. The number of students never stops increasing.

Above : new buildings of the school



In 2018, Ange-Laurent Coddy, DIMPA's founder and Mischa Witzmann, associate of the architectural firm KARAWITZ meet for the first time. The architect is already active on the african continent and is impressed by the ambition of this congolese school. Ange-Laurent Coddy is very interested by the philosophy of the studio, by it's bioclimatic architecture and experience in tropical climates. Together they decide to volunteer for the design of a new school for deaf and hard-of-hearing children in Ouesso.

A first trip to Congo in 2018 enables the architectural studio and Ange-Laurent Coddy to understand the context and to help deciding of the precise location and program for the school. The trip gives a clear picture of all the great work that has already been done and what needs to be built in the next steps.


From France to Congo, from design to construction.

Located along the Sangha river, on a site given by the mayor of the city of Ouesso, the project brings together diffrent programs in order to enhance students learning :

  • teaching rooms
  • workshop
  • guardian's house
  • guest house
  • outdoor planning (sports field, garden, car park...)

These new infrastructures can also be used as a cultural center for the entire village of Ouesso, held events, meetings and any type of performances.

The school was designed so it can be built step by step, starting with the guest house to host teachers.

The architectural concept is based on a light timber structure supported by concrete foundations that will be constructed by a local company. The rest of the building can be made the students and the inhabitants of the village. The design aims to create a comfortable climate without using any complex technology and is based on simple systems such as :

  • natural ventilation
  • biosourced materials
  • local and biosourced timbers
  • the help of students and volunteers

Waar dient de collecte voor


DIMPA school started in 2004 and fosters everyday more and more students. DIMPA proofs that enhancing deaf children situation is possible even in a poor country without any financial supports from governments. We believe that the French-Congolese partnership is a big help for this project.

KARAWITZ is an architectural firm founded in Paris in 2006 which social and environmental involvement in the architectural world enabled to achieve many projects in France and abroad, and on the African continent.


Our project has many financial supports in Congo and in France :

  • the mayor of Saint Cyr l'Ecole
  • the department of the Yvelines
  • the mayor of Ouesso
  • Congolese authorities
  • many french companies

The adaptability of the project allows us to build the project step by step and to adapt it to our financial and human capacities. The first stage is : the guest house.


The budget required for the different construction phases was estimated by Karawitz :

  • design & construction of the guest house : 80 000 €
  • design & construction of 4 classrooms
  • design & construction of the workshop and teh guardian's house
  • design & construction of 4 classrooms

Your financial support is crucial to carry out the first stage : the guest house, that will host teachers coming from bigger cities in the country.

This budget involves :

  • engineering studies
  • travel expenses
  • construction of the timber structure of the guest house
  • roofing of the guest house

This crowd-funding is only the beginning for the rest of the school !

Your financial support can benefit from tax exemption !

More information :

www.dimpa.iesrm.free.fr   www.dimpa-school.com   www.karawitz.com

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