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Distillerie Mammenn

The Mammenn distillery is a natural distillery in line with natural wines, without inputs, as traditional, local and transparent as possible. The consumption of spirits is for us a moment of sharing and above all of quality! No more industrial alcohols!

We are Julie and Pierre, we found ourselves around a common passion which is mixology, natural wines, in short the love of good drinks. We decided to go further. To leave Paris and set up a micro distillery in Brittany to create our natural spirits.

Pierre, the distiller :

He is the brain of the project and the Breton of our duo. Designer by trade, especially in the field of spirits, he had had enough of sitting all day in front of a computer and he decided to throw himself body and soul into distillation. He can't wait to amaze you and us with all the flavors he has in mind for our products and that he sharpens in the distilleries where he is formed.

Julie, the hedonistic : It's the face and especially the smile that you will see in our store and in your establishments. She has always taken care of people, first in health and in recent years behind a bar where her palate and her distinct tastes for quality and nature have been sharpened.

Our vision of natural spirits is very simple:

  • good ingredients resulting from a permaculture market gardening done by us.
  • Made in Finistère: sourcing our cereals as locally as possible.
  • no use of inputs (no additives, dyes, sulphites ...)
  • try to push the concept of zero waste and zero plastic by reusing or giving to farmers rather than just throwing away and using glass, stainless steel.

  • we formed
  • we found the building to set up our distillery
  • we acquired our first fermentation tank
  • we have access to our own water

We intend to sell mainly direct to the distillery but not only; we also want to be distributed locally and be part of your next favorite cocktails thanks to the talents of our favorite mixologists!

We are on the starting blocks to release our gin, whiskey, vermouth, brandy and we need you for that !!! To acquire our stills, burner, pump, tank and do the necessary expansion work to accommodate you.


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