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DumDum.fr is an online magazine and music platform dedicated to discovering independant, underground and emerging artists. Covering french and international musical acts, we plan to bring back the influence and the discernment of music criticism : priority to emerging and interesting artists and demanding analysis about pop culture.

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DumDum, magazine de musique en ligne

<p> Let's go straight to the point : what is DumDum ?</p> <p> - First of all, DumDum is an online music magazine, trying to reconcile the excitment you get from music with the discernement of a good analysis, the emphasis on underground cultures throughout the world and words from artists, readers and those who work in the music industry.</p> <p> - We're also putting together a real music discovery platform, with weekly themed mixtapes curated by our staff and the most exciting people in the music world.</p> <p> - Last, but not least, the website will be customizable : you choose what's on. Get your favorite bands' news live, get an alert whenever they put a clip, a single or an album out there or when they're in town for a show.</p> <p>  </p> <p> What do I get suscribing to DumDum ?</p> <p>  </p> <p> First and foremost, the subscription gives you access to 10 songs on a compilation. You wanna know who are the most exciting new bands in Manchester or the best french bands that you don't know of yet ? You want the names of Radiohead's heir or of the craziest subsaharian artists ? DumDum's on a mission to go find them with the bands and artists that know about these cultures and subcultures. Also, the subscribers can also submit their ideas for compilations and get others subscribers to vote for them, and every month our staff will build a compilation around the most voted for idea. Last, but not least (again), 50% of your subscription's money will go directly to the artists.</p> <p>  </p> <p> You'll also get our special issues, they'll always be focused around a band, an artist, a music or cultural movement or an idea that's pivotal to pop and underground culture. DumDum will be around the place with stories, analysis, anecdotes, lists, reviews and of course, interviews on this particular subject.</p> <p>  </p> <p> Ultimately, you'll be able to access our suscriber-special video sessions, the ability to download our photoshoots in HD, to get privileged access to our parties and all kinds of stuff that are still on the works.</p> <p>  </p> <p> But why DumDum ?</p> <p>  </p> <p> Our main idea behind DumDum is to bring journalists and readers closer to eachother, because there definitely are emotions and ideas inside of these nit-pickers who write articles. And because you get real pop-culture analysts amongst readers, who can't really find what they wanna find in traditional music magazines.</p> <p>  </p> <p> As we've already said, we want to get back to this feeling that you have when you walk inside an indie record store or when you're anxious to open the newest issue of your favorite music magazine. Am I gonna discover my new favorite band ? What's up in the Californian or south-Asian scene at the moment ? What's that name of this band who covered my favorite Sonic Youth song already ?</p>

Allocation of funds

<p> There are costs associated with running a successful online publication. There is a whole slew of expenses that we will need to account for using the money we earn.</p> <p> - payment for a professionnal web developer, along with referencing, hosting and continued tech assistance throughout the year,</p> <p> - payment for a professionnal web designer who's working on the graphic standards and has come up with a beautiful logo,</p> <p> - money for Soundcloud Pro Plus (for the sound) and Vimeo Plus (for the video) accounts,</p> <p> - buying a coffee machine and a stock of coffee to last one year (no, just kidding here).</p> <p> What remains of the money will go directly into our editorial budget, ie paying various DumDum contributors for all the time, love and hard work that they put into their writings.</p> <p> We believe in supporting emerging music writers just as much as we believe in supporting emerging artists and labels. The Internet is in desperate need for good journalists and writers. We hope to make DumDum a quickly self-sustaining and quality publication.</p> <p>  </p>



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ODD FUTURE - C'est notre offre découverte : deux mois d'abonnement à la fantastique expérience DumDum (voir ci-contre la description complète)


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HALF JAPANESE - Six mois d'abonnement à la fantastique expérience DumDum (voir ci-contre la description complète) + la compilation de lancement de DumDum.


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PAVEMENT - Un an d'abonnement à la fantastique expérience DumDum (voir ci-contre la description complète) + la compilation et deux invitations à la soirée de lancement de DumDum.


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ARCTIC MONKEYS - Deux membres de l'équipe viennent passer des disques lors d'une soirée chez vous ou un ami (dans Paris et en région parisienne) + un an d'abonnement à la fantastique expérience DumDum + la compilation et deux invitations à la soirée de lancement de DumDum.


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SONIC YOUTH - Vous serez invité en exclusivité à participer à l'une de nos interviews avec un artiste + un an d'abonnement à la fantastique expérience DumDum + la compilation et deux invitations à la soirée de lancement.


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THE SMITHS - Un abonnement à vie chez DumDum + les trois contreparties précédentes (on ambiance une soirée chez vous, on héberge un blog à votre nom et vous nous accompagnez pour une interview) + la compilation et quatre invitations à la soirée de lancement.


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