Duo Descofar-1st Album

Recording the first album of Duo Descofar, "Finis Terrae" Celtic music for electric harp duet.

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Duo Descofar-1st Album


Hi everyone!


After a year of touring all around France with our show "Finis Terrae" (production JMF), we have decided to record our first album for this quite uncommon association: an electric harp duet.


The challenge of Duo Descofar is to take a fresh look at the traditional celtic music, plugged in amps, using the resources of electricity, but still deeply rooted in a musical and cultural patrimony. We mean tradition in its very modern and lively sense.

Further more, we will have a very special guest on that recording: Cristine Merienne will be singing on one track!


The official release date is december 2013.


Do not hesitate to contact us directly for any question!


A huge thank for your support!!!


Alice et Nikolaz

Duo Descofar



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Le financement de ce projet se décompose ainsi:


Recording: 1000 €

Transportation fees and hiring of material: 400 €

Mixing: 1000 €

Mastering: 800 €

SDRM: 300 €

CD making: 1300 €


Total: 4800 €

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