Earthship à Molebka!

An international environmental and cultural center in Permaculture in Russia! ?? Thanks to you, it's possible!

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Earthship à Molebka!

French, Russian lover since childhood and left live my dream in Russia for 1 year, I want to create an Eco-center in the Urals.


Le vin Français très apprécié en Russie!!





After a long journey of life, in different areas, in France and Africa, several courses in areas as diverse as electrochemistry, screen printing and organic farming, not finding a place to put my bags in my home country and take a farm in organic farming, I decided to leave Russia and settle in there and the place where the land and ecology still has a long way to go.





I found, thanks to my friend Dacha Gissot of "SoArt 'association, in Kungur near the city of Perm in the Urals, a piece of paradise Now we will install us on 100ha a little further than Kungur on  the territory of Molebka in another piece of paradise even more wild and in a zone known for these UFO sightings and magnetic anomalies, but that is mostly a place bathed in harmony where all the people know themselves "Hello "and where the energy is very intense! Molebka is ideal for eco-tourism because it is a protected at nature and what is already a tourist zone area! The village currently has 250 residents. But in 1913 before the war and the revolution there were 5,000 souls, a dam and a hydroelectric power plant and a famous cast iron plant. It is now an area renowned for its repeated UFO sightings, to the extent that the local government has erected a monument Official !! But not only that, many people come from different parts of Russia for the weekend and never reparte because they feel at home and in harmony! They then buy a house, which costs between 250 and 500euro and still live, which gradually increases the population.

Here are some links and photo: Below 2 views of the village.




The official monument!



The road sign!



  Sculptures Slavs.



The logo of the area.



There there many people interested to join me, but as usual, we lack the nerve of War: Money. I have a small local reputation, but it does not yet meet the crates. But as I am appreciated and my plot approach, people follow my career and are interested in my projects, for further events will be a major asset. Some links. (those in Russian can be translated easily online with google translate)


The Tourist map of Kungur near Molebka.

kungur plan


The goal is to build an ecological center in natural farming and permaculture to be a place of experimentation, agricultural, social, cultural, mixing the best of Russia with the best of France.




I plan, a place of life, as a pioneer and will be the first of its kind in Russia, an "Earthship" bioclimatic building. Then two greenhouses on the same model to ensure vegetable crops throughout the year, a natural refrigerator, a small laboratory / workshop for agricultural experiments and two barns with cheese, one for goats and sheep and one for cows and two horses.




We can produce and traditional French cheeses for quality and handcrafted. There is a great demand for this kind of product because France is much loved here !!!! Especially with the embargo on European sanctions in response to American products, the products are disappearing French stalls and demonstrate forcefully the necessity of "Local Produce" !!!




Some pictures of the inside of the Earhtship!

Earthship interieur


  The kitchen.



The Bed Room.




A permaculture farm in the Urals everyone raises his arms to heaven but people like Zepp Holzer have the same conditions and are very successful !!


But also in Canada which is quite similar in terms of climate and latitude to the Urals.



  And of course, in France, with exceptional results!


We will work a maximum of animal traction for all gardening and greenhouses party that does not require power and some other work in the open fields like mowing hay baling, and pickup. There are motorized limbers to fit all modern tools that are installed on tractors. Russians are tinkerers and Molebka, there is plenty of DIY engineering and old unused hardware, so a lot of potential!





  The cost of modern equipment is expensive for local farmers, our structure will receive groups for training in these new techniques for using animal, efficient and economic strength. Groups and seminars as well as for farm accommodation of tourists, curious, people living on the site, it will of course, small modules of independent living and built with local materials. Below is a habitation module in cordwood!



These modules will be, of course bioclimatic and autonomous. We will organize intercultural participatory projects and use the types of traditional local and traditional French architecture, creating an attractive and special place. The center will house anyone who wants to stop there during a trip, learn and train, but also share experiences and enrich the common knowledge. (Woofer welcome !!) The products of the farm will be sold on site at different stores from local producers, and suggest the creation of a CSA. With local, French and Russian dishes are offered to our customers, tourists and seminarians. Depending on the evolution of the site and wills, other projects will be added as the flight of a hot air balloon from the farm, hiking and trekking and visiting the many places of interest in the surrounding area, production energy from biogas ..... the list is not exhaustive. In all my life experiences and professional, I was able to gather and synthesize knowledge, methods, and techniques to improve naturally, life on the farm, the quantity and quality of soil and product land. I include among others, the RCW and The Electroculture. I want to share with those who want to.




I worked with one of the pioneers in France to use the RCW, Jacky Dupety:




See videos of Philip Forester:




The goal is to show by example the possibilities offered by the green and local economy in all its forms and so promote the ideas and dynamism in these areas of Molebka, Kungur and region. Russia is a country with immense potential as the country but faces challenges to its measurement. According to all the experts its agriculture was destroyed by collectivism and must be rebuilt. It is true that the small peasantry is almost nonexistent. But his social solidarity fabrics inherited from that time must be absolutely preserved! Russians are welcoming, friendly, have a hand on the heart and are eager for the task. They also like the France deeply they feel very close. Courageous political anti-GMO and protection of bees have been decided recently. The availability of the territory enables rapid development of agriculture ORGANIC! Tomorrow Russia will also help us in turn to rebuild us!



We can bring a lot to each other and that's why we need we reach out and share the knowledge and skills of our two countries, partners now for some centuries !! Such a center will be an example for all watched in Russia and abroad, especially if we can organize exchanges in the fields of agriculture arts and culture, health. Such a center will be an example for all watched in Russia and abroad, especially if we can organize exchanges in the fields of agriculture arts and culture, health. Building together a different world is possible, be an agent of change, you only have a few seeds and a little water. HERE, WE ARE THE SEEDS ....... YOU ARE THE WATER! WE NEED YOU! Despite the current crisis of governments, nations must take the lead and join hands !!!


Waar dient de collecte voor

To go to the end of the project, there must be a start! The came to try my luck with the minimum and such a project requires a lot of ways to start even if I want to recycle to the max! On Goolge map, you will find the field with these coordinated:


Kishertskiy rayon Permskiy kray, Russie 57.270145, 57.826650



Local and major investors are very interested, but they need something concrete! The Russians are very pragmatic and they must see something effective and remarkable thing. That is why we need to build the first building where I can demonstrate the feasibility, occupy the ground, organizing after implantation and welcome the first group of people interested in this project. Our project to the attention of the Minister of Agriculture of Perm Krai called in Russian "Огородов" I could translate as "Gardener". An aptly named!





So I had the idea of ​​building an "Earthship" An Earthship is a bioclimatic building and autonomous, inexpensive, as constructed from local materials recovery: tires, glass bottles or metal, sawdust, available in large quantities and pose also often recycling problems. As tires are a problem of local standards at the ecological level, I plan to replace them with clay bricks of compressed Adobe. Nevertheless, we must collect, buy tools and a few supplies and finally organize the site with volunteers.




Below is a type site.



All this at a cost and I expected a budget of € 15,500 as follows: Collecting materials Gazelle vehicle (so Ford "Transit" Russian): 1000 € Machinery and equipment, including rental: € 2350 System of water filtration: 1250 €






250m water pipes and fittings: 280 € 3 tanks 2000l 1140 €




Solar panel: 1960 €

Panneau Solaire


Earthmoving € 2,000 Triple glazed glass € 2,880 (Well yes it's still the Urals here and winter it is cold! Until -40 sometimes!) Roof tiles for 760 € Cement and lime € 380 Wood € 550 8% commission KissKissBankBank: € 1,194 Total = € 16,124 For Anglophones here's the video on the exact model I want to build!

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