Édition du premier guide digital de la Collection « Voyages de rêve »

Publish the first digital guide from the collection Dream travels, “Dream Travel e-Guide : Martinique”, readable on Smartphone or tablet.

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Édition du premier guide digital de la Collection « Voyages de rêve »

The project is to publish the first volume of a downloadable collection of digital tourist guides, made for ebook readers on tablets and smartphones. Theses guides will help readers / travelers to make their travel dreams come true. Thanks to these touchscreen “eguides”, you will be able to simply shape and make your dreams real, visualize magic locations or on unbeaten tracks, plan your visits according to your affinities or passions.


The first volume of the series will be « Dream Travel : e-Guide : Martinique”.


Why ? Because I presently live in Martinique, discover every day new beauties of this island and most of all because I think it is a pity that such a paradise is not well known by tourists and travelers.


Martinique – the “flowers island”, a dream with open eyes

The most awesome track I ever made – the Beauregard “Slaves channel”  :



Discover fruits and vegetables, flowers, local recipes or other original gastronomic formulas, surprising trekking tracks or wonderful spots for diving or snorkeling, dream beaches on unbeaten tracks, those are examples of what you will find in my e-Guide about Martinique.


Do you have kids? You are going to find a lot of things to do with them!


Anse Trabaud – a small piece of paradise, away from the crowd :



My e-guide will be full of photographs meant to make you feel the need to leave and travel even before setting foot on the plane ! If you are from Martinique you surely know what I am talking about, but somehow you will be surprised at discovering places or things you did not know about your wonderful island.


Letter to the contributors of my project




Maybe it is because I grew up behind the “iron curtain” until the 1989 Revolution, because I “devoured” every book hidden from the communist police, because I dreamt of becoming a stewardess to flee out of my country where we were all held prisoners, that I have this unquenchable thirst for traveling, for making my dreams come true, this strength that, in the end, leads my whole life…


Yes indeed, I think this is all about the strength to dream and make one’s dreams come true.


Thailand – such a beautiful country, you have to go back there…

Chiang Mai Ratchapurek :




Ayutthaya Wat Chai Wathanaram :



I got married when I was 20. My life was a positive struggle to complete projects and move forward in my life. I would have so much to tell about, not only travels !


But to make it short I had a lot of ups and downs like everyone and the only thing that kept me holding on against all odds (even my husband who is rather home loving but tries to change !) was the very idea that I was already preparing a small travel within a few months, making plans and small savings.

This was my purpose, my dawn after darkness, my dream to come true : even today it helps me to remove the obstacles!


South Africa – a country which definitively worths the visit!


Meet his Majesty the Lion at Addo Elephant Park :



Like you did, I lived during “prehistory” : no internet, no digital photography, no vectorial map, no GPS, no WIFI! How creepy! You keep asking yourself how on earth you did before ?


Now I am reaching a moment in my life when I feel so strong in me that the “planets seem to be aligned”: “technical and logistical” conditions seem to be met for me to finally share all my dreams come true. I want to share the good news to all the folks who feel that it is too hard to make ends meet every month, that it once again they won’t have the sunny holidays they truly deserve, swimming in turquoise water or hanging around in some other magical place I know.


Mexico – a country rich of history and wonders

Teotihuacan :



Because I can tell you: I visited more than forty countries and I am definitively not a Rockefeller! This is possible !


Ireland – a country full of charm, quietness and mystery

Clonmacnoise :



So here I am! I decided to make my “coming out”, so they say and I hereby declare that I would like to live my passion: make “one’s travel dreams” come true and affordable for everyone within a touchscreen ebook that anyone could easily read – no need of internet if you do not want to – preparing the itinerary at home or on location in a jungle full of hideous insects near antic ruins.


South Korea – an astonishing country

Tongdosa :



I would love so much to turn it into my job! You surely would not be disappointed !


I attach some photographs with my recent trips, but you won’t see me on all of them because I push the button on the camera ;-)


Thank you for your time reading my lines.


Poland – will surely knock you out with its beauties

Krakow :



Kind regards,




Malaysia – by rain or sunshine, in any weather conditions

Melaka sous la pluie :



Kuala Lumpur :


Waar dient de collecte voor

Objectives : I launched and moderated a mixed blog on « travel and cuisine » (http://www.webcuisine.aventuraparc.ro/ , https://www.facebook.com/pages/WebCuisine-learn-the-cuisine-with-Cristina/123436221044092 ), but it is hard to make a living with it, constantly publishing posts and major updates. That is the reason why I resolved to launch the present project : I want to try to finance a part of the starting developing expenses in order to release a collection of touchscreen touristic e-guides which will allow the reader to make traveling choices according to one’s likes, passions, travel dreams…


Another of my recent adventures...



Needs : a tablet, a digital publishing software allowing beautiful layouts, photographs and neat user interface that will immerse you into the look and feel of the destination and invite you to travel, 1 waterproof camera-case, 1 external hard disk drive to store photographs, time to write and design, potential financing for the next journey to produce another e-guide.


 In order to respect the limited budget, my husband will handle the technical part of the project, mostly the layout and the digital software publishing.


The needs described above are superior to 1.200 euros, but we prefer to « only » ask for this amount because we do not wish to exaggerate! It is safer to reduce our expectations and reach our goal. Having this money would allow us to publish our first e-guide of the Collection of “Dream Travels e-Guide”. If your financial help exceeds this amount (we are allowed to dream, aren’t we ?) maybe could we write the second e-guide and finance the next journey…


For those who will contribute, MANY THANKS in advance and my best wishes from Martinique !


Attention !

ATTENTION, if our objective is not successful within the given period, the donators will have their money back. So, please, don't wait because we need your help !!!

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