Edition et impression du livre de Photographies M.O.O.N

Support the new SELF-PUBLISHED BOOK "M.O.O.N" by Sandrine Elberg

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Edition et impression du livre de Photographies M.O.O.N

We would like to create a unique photo book, an artist's book of great quality to promote the cosmic photographic work of Sandrine Elberg, visual artist and cosmic girl from Earth.
Sandrine Elberg will participate in 8 exhibitions in 2019 in France and Europe, the book will be shown at these events to support the work of the artist.
All contributors will be quoted and thanked in her book. Several book signatures will be organized from the month of April, in Paris and in Arles in particular.
The book M.O.O.N will be UNIQUE, each copy will contain a unique and original drawing of the artist hidden in the middle of the pages, each cover of the book will also be handmade by the artist.

M.O.O.N is Mysterious Orbital Object Non-identifield

In this new stellar book; the artist presents ambivalent images from hostile and improbable territories related to our collective imagination. Sandrine, Cosmonaute presents us with a new planet, a new MOON. It invites us to travel in the middle of strange galaxies and in the heart of an uninhabited planet.  Sandrine Elberg builds an artistic device conducive to contemplation and dreams. She proposes a new cartography of Space and tells us her story of astronaut. We will discover new lunar landscapes inspired by Jules Verne and Georges Méliès, which are part of scientific and dreamlike imaginations.    

"I tell in pictures, a quest for lunar territories where I am a cosmonaut explorer my father was an aerospace engineer for the Ariane rocket, so we will take the rocket for the moon landing of this book.

During several years of work I have collected the images : a lot of trips, hours spent in the darkroom or working on a computer.  I financed all my travels either north of the Arctic Circle, during the Arctic winter or in summer when climbing volcanoes or high snow-capped mountains ...  All this to capture with sincerity the images of this book. I made improbable shots to make you want to dream and travel in space. I just wanted to dream and make you dream ... "

For those who contributed or bought the first book of the artist "Cosmic" know that the artist apprehends the object Book as a collector's item, rare and ambitious which carries the paw of the artist of the design to the finalization.
M.O.O.N is more like an artist's book.

The artist joins again with a professional graphic designer, graduated from Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (ENSAD) in Paris. He will make the graphic design of the book. The text will be written by a art curator and critic.

​All the names of contributors will be write in the book.
This is the 2nd self published book of the artist, a sequel to the first book of Sandrine Elberg "Cosmic" : the story continue....
Video of Cosmic, first self-published book by Sandrine Elberg : https://vimeo.com/280388326

Sandrine Elberg is graduated at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris in 2003 and she obtained a DEUG Arts Plastiques at the Sorbonne in 1997.
In 2004, Sandrine Elberg was laureate of the residency program AFAA / Paris and the House of Photography in Moscow.
Meanwhile the artist has exhibited his work in France and Europe, participating in thirty exhibitions.
In 2013, obtaining an artist's studio will bring new perspectives of creation ; she installs a darkroom as a new territory of experiments. Then, the artist undertakes a work mixing digital photographs, photogramms and chemigrams. The use of the silver medium and analogue photography, its chemical development and the numerous intermediaries linked to the creative process give the work a unique status.
Finally, she create photographs by distant journeys, in search of territories with hostile climates to print lunar photographs, favorable to the collective imagination.

Photography awards
2018 Lauréate Prix Réponses Photo, Festival Les Boutographies, Montpellier
2015 Finalist Le Grand Prix Photographique, Paris
2015 Lauréate Book machine Paris Photo, coup de coeur Patrick Javault
2015 Lauréate Rencontres Photographiques du 10e, Mairie du 10e, Paris
2013 Finalist Prix HSBC pour la Photographie par Emmanuelle de l’Ecotais
2012 Prix Photographique Fondation Les Treilles par Agnès Gouvion Saint-Cyr
2011 Finalist Prix PICTO de la Jeune Photographie de Mode
2011 Finalist Prix Photographique Scam Roger Pic
2011 Prix ARTE Actions Culturelles - 11e Boutographies
2010 Lauréate - Mission Jeunes Artistes 2010 (MJA) Les Abattoirs, Toulouse
2009 Lauréate Nationale,Canon Le Monde de l'Image
2008 Lauréate Nationale, Concours Fnac et Nikon
2005 Finaliste Silver Camera Award Moscow house of Photography, Russie

Next exhibitions 
OSMOSCOSMOS, Joerg Bader curator, Centre de la Photographie, Geneva
Cosmogonie, solo show, Galerie satellite, Liège, Belgium
Yuki-Onna, Festival Les photographiques, Centre Paul Courboulay, Le Mans
Cosmogonie, solo show, Galerie La fontaine obscure & Planétarium, Aix en Provence
Last exhibitions
Instantanée, Curator Maxime Touratier, Galerie de la Voute, Paris
Hi September !Curators Anne Guillotel et Céline Tuloup, Galerie 65,Paris
Les Ames errantes, Curator Hannibal Volkoff, Galerie Hors-Champs, Paris
Rituels, images vivantes, Curator Clément Thibault, Galerie H, Paris
Venus' Revolution, Espace Léon Coeur Marais, Paris
Black skies, Curator Svetlana Montua, La Ruche Espace Alfred Boucher, Paris
Festival Photographique Les Boutographies, Pavillon Populaire, Montpellier
Poussières silencieuses, solo exhibition, Galerie Crous, Paris
Small is beautiful, Artefact Project Space, Paris
Pop up Store, Fisheye Gallery, Paris
Vaisseau Fantôme, 6B, Saint-Denis
Yuki-Onna, Mois de la photo off, Artefact Project Space, Paris
Shimofuri, Mois de la Photo du Grand Paris 2017, Médiathèque, Issy
Sciences-Fictions - Espace Saint-Sauveur, Issy
Rituels & Sortilèges, Curator Julien Verhaeghe, Musée la Carte à Jouer, Issy
ExPériMental work on paper, Curateur Hervé Ic, L.A.C, Sigean
Fabriqué en France, Duncan Miller Gallery, Santa Monica, USA
Métamorphose is, Le garage, Pantin
Multiples, Centre d'Art Contemporain Le Quartier, Quimper
Ni vue Ni connue Curator Laurent Quénéhen, Galerie Grand E'Terna, Paris
Rencontres Photographiques du 10e, Curatpr Hubert Matignon, Mairie du 10e, Paris Biennale Issy, Curator Chantal Mennesson, Musée la Carte à Jouer, Issy
Barrobjectif, Festival de photo reportages, Barro
Rites de passage, Plateforme, Paris

Cosmic - my first self-published : Awards, Fairs, Bookshops
Photo Book awards 2018/2019 - Cosmic

Shortlist Photo Book Fair, Impressions gallery, Bradford, England
Shortlist Photo Book exhibition, Prix Hip, Confrontations, Gex
Shortlist Photo Book award Encontros da imagen, Braga, Portugal​
Photo Book Fairs 2018 - Cosmic
Photo Book Fair SLIP, ARP2, Strasbourg, France
Photo Book Fair OffPrint, Librairie Lame, Ensba Paris, France
Photo Book Fair, Impressions gallery, Bradford, England
Encontros da imagen, Braga, Portugal
Unseen (Tipi Bookshop), Amsterdam, Netherlands
Wiels art book fair (Tipi Bookshop), Brussels, Belgium
Rolling paper, Le Bal, Paris, France
Cosmos (Tipi Bookshop), Arles, France
Book signing - Cosmic (2018)
Rolling Paper, Le Bal, Paris
Artefact, Paris
Boutographies, Montpellier
Actes Sud, Croisière : Rencontres photographiques d'Arles
Place des Photographes, Rencontres photographiques d'Arles

Bookshops - Purchases 
Paris : Palais de Tokyo, Jeu de Paume, Le Bal, Artazart, La comête (Le 29), La friche, Le Monte en l'air, artefact, Volume.
Montreuil : Zeugma
Arles : Actes sud
Toulouse : Les abattoirs, Ombres blanches
Belgium : Fomu Photo Museum Antwerp, Tipi Bookshop & Peinture Fraiche, Brussels
Germany : Motto, Billband, Berlin
Italy : Leporello, Roma
England : Impressions Gallery, Bradford
Netherlands : Q bookshop, Amsterdam
Suisse : Galerie Focale, Nyon
Japan : Flotsam bookshop, Tokyo
Spain : Mecanic, Barcelona
On-line/websites : Librairie Lame, librairie 8e art

Waar dient de collecte voor

For the book to take off, we need a little help!  
The goal of the pot is set at 5500 €.  
The campaign will finance part of the manufacturing, printing, graphic design creation of the book and its communication.  
I will collect the entire collection.  
Overall budget of the project : 8500 €.

This budget includes :  
- editorial work  
- graphic design  
- the book model  
- the art papers chosen by the artist  
- printing in monochrome off set  
- the manufacture of the book (collage, binding ...)  
- collector's edition prints  
- postal items  
- the trip tickets for calibration at the printer  
- copyrights    
If the goal is exceeded, a solo exhibition in a gallery in Paris with the release of the book in the spring. Your contribution will help us to realize a new project, which will confirm the interest for the artist to choose the book as a means of demonstrating his work.  

This will be added to the artist's personal bibliography as a collector's item for all lovers of rare and ambitious photo books.

The book will be printed in monochrome offset on matte paper with shaping in sewn notebooks.
Format 17 x 23 cm
200 pages 

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