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Hell / Paradise free online game.

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Enfer / Paradis


Hell/Paradise is a free online game.

It is a specific game with own characters such as:

The players can gather an army, a castle or a map. Furthermore, they can be elected regent.

The game consists of different parts: game maps, standard maps, war maps, battle maps.

The game is divided in two worlds, the hell and the paradise. In both worlds, battles take place to win territories.

In both worlds, new items can be bought in countless shops. Those items can be bought with the money players can win while playing for free. Bonuses can be bought with real payments: Get a premium account, crystals or many more bonuses by purchasing a scratch card, available in the near future.

Hell/Paradise is a free online game.


The game:


Those images are just some samples of the graphics.Recruteur_print-1412356777

A Paradise’s shop (Celestial)



Waar dient de collecte voor

In order to develop and release a game, it is necessary to draw and develop pictures and scenes. A huge amount of pictures representing the game, such as advertisement, characters, items, the map and many more have to be drawn.

Pictures of game scenes have to be created as well, such as characters on the map, castles or items used in the game. Furthermore, pictures of elements are necessary, such as bows, armoury, light balls or mercenaries.

Furthermore, characters, castles, fire and many more things have to be animated.

Once the world is brought to life, everything needs to interact. This has already been done for the biggest part of the game. Next step would be to create a database with all the items that can be won in the game and to make them interact with the rest of the game. A PHP programmer will take care of this part and charges 2400 €. These interactions should have an impact on the game. This is the reason why a specialist will take care of the SQL database and makes it interact with the events in the game. For this part, 3000 € need to be invested.


4. Assets

Finishing the game’s shop: 2400 €

Finishing the game’s interactions: 3000 € 

Total: 5400 €

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