Enregistrement d'un EP 5 titres en Home Studio

Write and record your own music is a real treat. However, a giant step may often deter you : the cost of audio equipments.

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Enregistrement d'un EP 5 titres en Home Studio

          My passion for music, sound recording, and mixing, have lately brought me the urge to produce an EP of 5 tracks.

          Musical ideas, riffs and other stuffs are actually in place, ready to be played, recorded and made ​​available. There is still a gap that might upset my project, tough. Indeed, what I currently have is not enough to record tracks.


          Therefore, I need money in order to get better audio equipments so that I could record my original songs way better than I used to. I need to find people enjoying my work and wanting to help me to keep on digging new ideas. 


The EP content will be :


- 3 acoustic guitar tracks (here are some demos) :





- 2 Post-Rock/Screamo tracks :





And if you want to check out a few others stuffs I made, here are 2 links :


My YouTube Channel

My SoundCloud

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