Essai illustré "En quête d'essence"

This essay gathers intuitions that came up to my mind these last four years, mainly meeting people along my path.

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Essai illustré "En quête d'essence"

It all started from an intuition that came up four years ago. I felt something weird...Like a need to lay down words that were blocked within my guts to fly on my own. "It will someday have to come out", told me an acquaintance. I aspired to more freedom. I needed oxygen. Something had to change. A shift was getting closer... 

"Intuition", En quête d'essence

The skeleton of this book appeared little by little, along the encounters I was priviledged to make along my path. A surprising energy flow was often connecting me to people. I was learning among my peers. I understood that my project was far from a coincidence. The essence is right there, within us. It contributes to our balance on a daily basis.  

"Equilibre", En quête d'essence

It carries a magic, which is not available in a frenetic society aiming at growth the whole time. The magic comes from the free intentions that we can mutually share and benefit from, from the unforeseeable, simply from life . 

Cité dans "Béatitude", En quête d'essence

Coming back to our essence requires an individual effort to take the time to step back. The intellect is a democratic resource. We merely need time and perseverance to focus on the essential, getting rid of all the distractions that surround us. 

"Obstination", En quête d'essence

This change of posture is indispensable in order to give new perspectives to a model of society that is slipping. Beautiful souls already work on it on a daily basis, locally. The more I meet such people, the stronger my faith in our humanity becomes. Although this quest goes through moments of doubts and self-reflection, the obstacles that appear along our path serve our self-flourishment. We only need to accept them as such.

"Echec", En quête d'essence

We are master of our fate. Our human resources are huge. It is up to us as a civil society to redefine our priorities on earth and to grow up allocating time and attention to the simple things in life that belong to its essence.  

I hereby would like to thank my first readers, who made this book gain in maturity thanks to their feedback full of good faith. I particularly want to thank my wife, who widely enriched this project through her ideas.

I am also grateful to Daphné and Aurélie who both improved this project through their childish illustrations and the creation of a colored lay-out. 

Moreover, I thank Drifosett, a local printing actor, who will allow me to give birth to it on a sustainable paper.  

To have this book in my hands would be the biggest emotional reward I could expect. Any kind of support will therefore be much appreciated. 
I wish you a smooth reading. Take care. 

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In total transparency, the aim of this crowdfunding is to be able to share my thoughts with my relatives, my friends and whoever crosses my road.

This amount of EUR 7.800 will allow me to cover the cost linked to this book, as follows: the colored lay-out of the book (EUR 1500); the printing of 500 units of the book (EUR 4230); the purchase of quality paper and the printing of sketches on it apart (EUR 200); sending by post 250 units of the book (EUR 1300) and the commission fee (8%) taken by this platform (EUR 570). 

What will I do of the lasting books? I will go to meet booksellers when I feel that a synergy is possible. Meeting people has been the motor of this book. Opening up to the unknown is accordingly a fair ending: share what life brought me. 

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