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I am Agnes, artist, creator of the brand Etc...!! What is Etc...!!

Etc...!! is born on my heart island, Saint Barthélemy, where I lived many years.

My artist life and my experience in the fashion world are the source of my inspiration and my creations. I use only recycle jeans. In my hand they reborn  one of a kind. My inspiration on each jeans is different. It can be embroidery, painting, drawing, patches. Then they start their new life, in my way, made in Etc...!! It has proven itself in several shops on the island.

To go further, I left this little paradise to go on an adventure to make me known somewhere else. Bet we are France. In the south where Etc...!! drop the jeans and the collection at "The village des talents créatifs" Puget sur Argens. where we took root in a shop - workshop n°3. But this is not the end of the adventure.....the adventure keep on going with a new challenge....create a new collection for women, men, kids and accessories from A to Z.

The jeans is a noble material and I love it. It always lived and dressed all closets and all ages.

Etc...!! will never stop with new ideas, just to please you.The jeans went trough the years and time without taking a wrinkle? Not the good time to give up.....what do you think about ?

Stop consumption, long live recycling.

This project, my project, I carry it at arm's length. Production of a new collection still with the recycle jeans. The choice of the denim will be adapted with the different seasons. The jeans will be upside down sometime and personalized or not all depend of the models. This collection will dress all kind of physical shape as well as all ages, with Etc...!! touch of course. Original, chic and fashion all year long!

This project and this collection are very important for me since a very long time. To make it lead is my biggest wish and dream. It became reality because of you. 

This project will be in three parts :


  • Specifications
  • Patterns making 
  • Choice of denim
  • Fabric assembly
  • Personalization
  • Quality control


  • Production 12 women models - 5 sizes per models
  • Production   8 men models.     - 5 sizes per models
  • Production.  8 kids models.      - 4 sizes per models
  • Production 40 accessories items ( bag - computer cover )
  • Total of production 192 items
  • Quality control
  • Shipment of goods


  • Receipt of goods
  • Control of goods
  • Collection set up and sale
  • Sale

This collection will give to Etc...!! the possibility to go forward, more than ever in the fashion world. A new challenge......we are ready.

Difference is strength.

Waar dient de collecte voor

The fund will be used for the COMPLETE MANUFACTURING and LAUNCHING of my NEW COLLECTION made of recycle jeans, MADE IN ETC...!!

The funds will be used to set up the all logistic of manufacturing from A to Z in the manufactury workshop. Need to be there. From the specifications to receipt of goods and set up in shops. A deposit is needed to start the manufacturing. The final paiement is at the end. Each step must be control and followed to minimize surprises if there are some. 

All this takes time and time is money. You already know that.

A collection of jeans totally different from what you saw before. Models made for all, no matter your size, your physical or your age. The funds will be use as well to open a second shop in a Concept Store, where Etc...!! will have a corner. Already made contact, just need to finalize..... thanks to you. More visibility, strategy, sale and develop for the band to get known. 

Finally, a collection of recycled jeans at an attractive sailing price for one of a kind items. To be different and unique, create new, the untraceable, the one of a kind. An advantage and a strength.

Create, innovate, progress, grow with Etc...!! Manufacturing an exceptional collection, made of recycle jeans.

This project will succeed thanks to you. Then it became reality.



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