Europa Meta Orchestra

Support the Europa Meta Orchestra in creating and expanding its repertoire by helping us finance a creative residency.

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Europa Meta Orchestra

Europa Meta Orchestra is a young European ensemble of contemporary music composed of musicians from all over Europe. During the week of the year, labeled by UNESCO, we meet at the Molière room for a week of residence to consolidate our repertoire. Welcomed by our partner at the Montpellier Occitanie National Opera-Orchestra, we need a little help to make this project viable.

Born from the desire to create a European orchestra deeply rooted in contemporary musical practices in a broad sense, Europa Meta-Orchestra (E.M.O.) is the meeting of internationally renowned groups, solo artists and other institutions.
The prefix “meta” (meta) comes from the ancient Greek (μετά). It expresses, at the same time, reflection, change, going beyond, beside, between or with. It can also be equivalent to the meaning of deep, high or large.

Europa Meta-Orchestra defends both existing repertoire and the creation of new works. It is thus formed of musicians with diverse and plural origins: classical instrumentalists, composers, acoustic and electronic improvisers, developers and performers of digital and/or analogue instruments and so on. E.M.O. is an orchestra qualified to play a wide selection of current repertoire while maintaining a unique aesthetic and musical identity that clearly distinguishes it from other orchestras.

Waar dient de collecte voor

The collect will be used to pay the travel expenses of our colleagues living abroad, some of the rehearsal fees and the technique present during the week to support the whole. We already have support for the reception of musicians and our concerts on site.

We hope that our project will seduce you, do not hesitate to contact us for more details ... See you soon, Musically yours, EMO.

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