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Let's finance a project that offers us to reenchant Europe and enhance it as the continent of social innovation! #kisstomorrow

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Europe Tomorrow


We are three young social entrepreneurs, Malo, Florian and Boris, and our goal is to re-enchant our "old continent" to give it a makeover.


After starting in France, we realized that they were many solutions already existing in our territories. Whether positive, collaborative, social and solidarity, circular or contributory, new emerging economies are everywhere!  

With this in mind, we decided to embody this change. We will travel across Europe for a year to identify and test the best social and environmental innovations in order to promote their replication and help them to scale-up.


In order to do this, we will organize more than a dozen events, producing viral content, involve as many young people through our networks, and influence decision makers to transform development policies. We also want to give a prospective vision of a more wishable and sustainable future to reclaim long time in the making, and thus promote sustainable and deeper reforms.

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Six month ago, we set-up this great challenge and we embarked on this new crazy adventure: Europe Tomorrow! Since then we have managed to convince 10 big companies, the 3 main Europe institutions (the European Commission, the Economic and Social Council and the European Parliament) as well as many networks and change-makers.


We designed this program over three years. The first year will be devoted to identifying the best innovations and understand their "framework" in order to facilitate their duplications. In a second step, we will mobilize experts in each topic in order to imagine their scaling and develop future scenarios. Finally, we will co-create with companies, public institutions and citizens, solutions that meet the challenges of our time.  




Unique model of cooperation between peoples, civil society, major economic actors, the origin of

democracy ... by looking more closely, Europe has everything to succeed! It is a fertile ground that

could allow the emergence of new solutions to those multiple crises. In addition to that, its unique

continental governance could make it become the laboratory of a true global sustainable democracy.  

So, to meet the challenges of our time and because we believe in a positive vision of Europe, we

decided to start acting!


While Europe was initially founded to protect citizens and improve their lifestyles, we find out that they no longer believe in those institutions.


The rise of extreme political part and tensions between countries of the « old continent » also leads to the question of the real welfare for citizens. The European Union is challenged by increasing feelings of frustration, fear and anger. Causes of this mess, multiple crises affecting Europe. Whether economic, social, environmental, political or even values. They are major challenges for our societies. So, all this is forcing us to reinvent our way of thinking and acting! We believe that it is the role of youth to transform this crisis into opportunity!   


We have identified three main types of social and environmental innovations :  


- Those worn by civil society, which are generally easier to duplicate than others and that does not necessarily involve the creation of an economic model. They live mostly in the field of the social economy.

- A second category is company from a more business world. Here innovations can occur through different streams such as social entrepreneurship, social business, social intrapreneurship, the field of CSR, collaborative economy or the circular economy. It usually require to develop comprehensive business models and are an heavier task to duplicate.

- A third category corresponds to all public innovations. Whether worn by neighborhoods, cities, communities, or states, they require the involvement of citizens and policy support.


Twelve thematics will be represented in the panorama of our innovations. They are always transverse or systemic. Furthermore, we have established a list of specific criteria to adopt a point of view critical and objective about them.






Founder of Carrotmob movement in France, Florian has always wanted to reconcile commitment and positivity! Convinced that the change does not suffer but enthusiastically preparing Florian is in charge of organizing our events. It is also the creative team.


Incarnation of "Digital Native" Malo has always been fascinated by NTIC. After creating a startup in mobile marketing, he now wants to put his skills to the benefit of digital to social and environmental with high impact actions. It is him who is in charge of our digital strategy and the spreading of good initiatives through the web.


Social entrepreneur in the heart, Boris is in constant search of the best levers to initiate positive change in our societies. Co-founder of Ticket for Change and initiator of the Media Say Yess, Boris is in charge of partnerships and research.



In order to share our discoveries during our tour, we will be followed by a very special character... Élyx !

Enthusiastic and curious little guy to discover with us all the innovations Elyx will travel with us to meet the changing players and will report in our restoration events, especially during the high COP21 climate conference in Paris and the European EESC in Brussels. Created by the Digital Street Artiste Yak, this character has already affected millions of people on social networks. We work with them to develop a traveling exhibition of our work. ! 





Several journalists will join us during the tour to give visibility to field players we have identified. Among them, Solène Ducretot, journalist-filmmaker at Ecoplus TV, will make us visit a dozen of times to cover the best innovations.





To help us to implement this project, we asked their support to recognized experts in our theme. They will help us in our research, make their networks available, and validate our actions. The steering committee is likely to grow following the meetings we will do. As our program grows, we also wish to establish thematic working groups composed of partners companies, public organizations, and members of civil society.  

We already now established a database of experts (philosophers, writers, changemakers etc.) on each of our subjects. We will use it to achieve our action research prospective.




Post-carbon cities in England, circular economy initiatives in Denmark, social and participatory housing in Germany, responsible consumption movements in Italy, eco-mobility experiments in Estonia or alternative finance in Iceland, we will explore territories to find what they do best in social and environmental innovation.





Waar dient de collecte voor


We have established a three-years program, the first year is a budget defray. Indeed, we convinced enough partners to comprehensively cover our costs, whether relating to the supply or production of content.  

Where we need you is to disseminate our findings !! Indeed, thanks to your participation, we can bring our audio-visual journalist who will film the best initiatives, we will have sufficient funds to start our show, with the help of Elyx.  


The collect will be used for three expenditure :  

- Bringing our audio-visual journalist and make videos that will highlight the most exemplary initiatives.  

- Create and organize a traveling exhibition that will take place in the influential organizations in Europe.  

- Make known the program to a wider audience.






You understood that our ambition is huge : We want to make Europe the continent of social and environmental innovation!


In order to do this, we already now formed a dense network of decision-makers, institutions, European organizations and young people who wish to make and act. The media as a mouthpiece of the change we want to see, are also part of the project.



Kies je beloning


Gratitude infinie ! Vos noms et prénoms (ou surnoms ;-) apparaissent sur notre site à la future page "Friends of tomorrow". Nous vous envoyons dès maintenant un énorme #KissTomorrow <3
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Vous recevrez une très jolie carte postale (écrite par nos petites mains) depuis l'une de nos destinations + contrepartie "Friends of Tomorrow"
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Vous recevez le hors-série n°2 du magazine Kaizen : “La France en Transition”. 138 pages couleur – Format 25,5 x 21 cm "Depuis plusieurs années, le terme de Transition est de plus en plus communément utilisé en France. Transition écologique, transition énergétique, villes en transition… La transition est avant tout le voyage que nous avons à effectuer entre la société actuelle et une société qui aurait résolu les graves crises écologiques, économiques, sociales que nous traversons. Et qui se serait donnée les moyens d’être résiliante."
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Vous recevez un billet de tombola "Interrail" et tentez de gagner 1 Pass Interrail pour voyager en train pendant un mois en Europe (valeur 450€) + contrepartie "Friends of Tomorrow".
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Vous recevez une magnifique carotte tricotée au crochet par la maman de Florian pour l'association Carrotmob. Contraction de l’expression “la carotte plutôt que le bâton” et du mot “mob” pour mobilisation, Carrotmob est une mobilisation de consommateurs qui incitent les entreprises/commerçants à prendre des engagements en faveur du développement durable + contrepartie "Friends of Tomorrow". (à retirer au Sensecube : 11 Rue Biscornet, 75012 Paris)
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Vous survolez Paris à bord du plus grand ballon du monde à 150 mètres d’'altitude + contrepartie "Friends of Tomorrow".
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Vous séjournez une nuit dans l'un des hébergements de votre choix. En France ou ailleurs en Europe, en ville ou à la campagne, choisissez le lieu de séjour de votre prochain voyage.
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Vous recevez un abonnement "Mécène" d'un an au magazine Socialter. Soit 6 numéros (du n°10 au n°15). Socialter est un nouveau magazine papier et digital 100% dédié aux innovations à impact social et environnemental positif. Avec un triple objectif – informer, inspirer, et mobiliser le grand public – Socialter propose une vision de l’économie axée sur le changement et les mutations.
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Vous recevrez, à la fin de notre tour, notre carnet de voyage enrichi de nos meilleurs experiences et des initiatives qui transforment l'Europe et font le monde demain.
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Nous organisons une visioconférence privée d'une heure pour vous faire découvrir les meilleures innovations sociales et environnementales européennes et échanger avec vous sur les sujets de votre choix.
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Vous recevez une place pour participer au OuiShare Fest. Le OuiShare Fest rassemble les principaux acteurs mondiaux de l'économie collaborative. Au programme, trois jours de conférences, d'ateliers et de fête.
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(Business) We will organise for you and your employees a restitution exposition at the end ouf our Europe Tour.
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