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Artificial intelligence for jewelry estimation

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Shazam your jewelry!

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A #jewel of a team! 

Stephane Boghossian completed a general degree in Design at NABA, Milan. He soon became interested in jewelry, diamonds, and colored stones. He continued his studies with a focus in Gemmology at HRD in Antwerp, his birthplace. He then specialized in design and jewelry creation in the United States and Bombay. It is at IFA Paris, capital of luxury, during his last year of his MBA in Luxury Brand Management that he got the idea for Exjewel: upgrade and reuse unused jewelry instead of buying new.

An expert in the commodities market, Gaëlle Seret has experience as an IT project manager. Passionate about jewelry, she decided 2 years ago to switch careers. ExJewel is a project that brings together aesthetics and sustainable impact. It allows valuing the work of highly skilled artisans, creative artists, and raw materials while keeping to recyclable sources of inspiration.

This project combines our values, passions, and complementary personalities and skillsets: an acute creative sense, a declared passion for innovation and a particular sensitivity for the respect of the environment.


The problem

92% of the world's jewelry is not worked by their owners in any given year.
18 times more metals and precious stones are mined than what is necessary to meet market demand. 
>>> This level of waste presents a huge opportunity for disruption.

Enter Exjewel, a sustainable project in the jewelry sector.

Our vision and mission
Our vision is to build a new eco-jewelry world that encourages the conscious purchase and reuse of precious materials and gemstones. (amazing summary of the vision - great job!)
We will achieve this vision by connecting customers and creative professionals through innovative products for pricing and repurposing of existing jewelry.

For this Kisskissbankbank project, our objective is to use our first product to inform individuals and professionals about the price of the jewelry they own and to enable its reuse.


What is ExJewel?

Exjewel is a jewelry inventory management platform that aims to improve transparency and encourage the use of unsold collections. Our digital platform allows you to seamlessly collect basic information about your jewelry (it takes less than 1min!) and values it online in real-time. It is the first product of its kind in the world, integrating dozens of complex sources of data in one place through our proprietary pricing algorithm.

The process


The story
Initially, our service was intended solely for consumers. We wanted to facilitate the reuse or resale of their jewelry.
Looking for partners among jewelers in Europe, we realized that many want to offer and promote a 100% recycled service. However, they have no efficient tools to evaluate their unsold inventories nor to access recycled raw materials of a reputable source.


OUR VALUESCompanies in the jewelry industry are working on improving the supply conditions for precious metals and gemstones. At Exjewel, we believe it is possible to reinvent the jewelry industry by recycling existing and unused materials.


At ExJewel, we are also focused on respecting basic human rights: our pricing algorithm value industry standard certificates. In particular, those that indicate precious stones and metals originate from mines with ethical working conditions in the mines. We do not condone deadly conflicts generated by the extraction and production of precious stones, and in particular diamonds.

Waar dient de collecte voor

Why #KissJewel, crowdfunding campaign?

We are launching our KissKissBankBank campaign to boost our reach in Europe! The funds we raise will be used to further develop our online jewelry estimation MVP into a fully-fledged web (and later mobile) app, so we are able to grow in a scalable way. We will also continue to improve our algorithm through the hiring of key talent. If you would like to join our mission or know someone who would please email
* 50%: Research and product development (data scraping from public sources, algorithm training, deep learning)
* 20%: Software development of the platform (recruitment of a new freelance developer)
* 30%: Build customer base to prove product-market fit in France and the rest of Europe


What happens after KissKissBankBank?

Priority 1: We will help an association that protects minors in Muzo, Colombia!
Priority 2: Help us move to a more technical incubator, IONIS!
Priority 3: We will continue to optimize our first product and roll it out globally with viral growth campaigns (eg free estimations in return for referrals)



ExJewel will work with the biggest players in responsible consumption:
- ExJewel will look after animal welfare in Africa, including ivory. In compliance with the laws and the work of associations such as WWF, we will inform users of the limits of ivory and coral in jewelry.
- Exjewel values ​​the source of materials, which aims to improve the working conditions in the mines. After visiting Colombia's Emerald mines, we have in mind the social value of protecting miners and the costs of production that this represents.



For all EU payments, please use MangoPay.
For international payments, please use Paypal.
For payments from Lebanon, please contact Lyna Boghossian at or 009613201449

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