Exposition collective au Grand Palais " Art en Capital"

Support artist to exhibit in the Salon “ Art en Capital “, in the Grand Palais, in Paris, from 25 to 30 November, 2014.

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Exposition collective au Grand Palais " Art en Capital"

I am an artist working and living in Paris. I was born in Inner Mongolia, China. Graduated from University of Dalian in 2008, I work predominantly in the medium of painting but also engravings and sculpture. I have had solo exhibitions in Dalian at Tianyi Gallery, and had participated several group exhibitions in China. I live and work in Paris since 2009. And then I fell in love with this city. After learning and thinking a lot of my paintings and the contemporary art, I decided to create this new series of painting which is completely different from what I did before. I called this series “ COLOR ”.

Here is my site: http://www.minghaodong.com/


The series of paintings is created from a transformation of an image into irregular pieces (fragments), by dividing the picture into the different areas. Then I cover the areas with different colors so that they lose their original relationships. These colorful irregular fragments automatically compose a new drawing in the brain of the viewer.


It is a reflection of  pondering on the properties of life, death and human, in a time characterized by impatience, fragments, nihility, and a duality of highly developed civilization and disorder.


In 25 November 2014, I will exhibit one big painting of 120cm x 120cm in the Salon “ Art en Capital”, in the Grand Palais, the exhibition end in 30 November. I will post the photos when the exhibition begin in my site.


Here are some paintings that I’m already made.



Ponderism, 2014

Oil on canvas, 80 cm x 80 cm 





Fireworks IV, 2014

Oil on canvas, 50cm x 100cm




Ronde point, 2014

Oil on canvas, 33 cm x 22 cm



Man feel blue IV, 2014

Oil on canvas, 54 cm x 73 cm



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Participation fee: 658 euro + Painting transport fee 45 euro, 703 euro in total.

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