Exposition : Les Dompteurs de Vents

Smooth sailing for the Wind Tamers. This original and surreal world will be soon exhibit in an exposition in Belgium.

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Exposition : Les Dompteurs de Vents

The exhibition

The universe of the Wind Tamers is an original, crazy and poetic world invented by Didier Maes and developed by Theatre de l'Alambre.
By mixing genres and techniques (drawings, prints, interactive installations, unusual objects and photographs), the exhibition tells the great history of this secret order. An exhibition that will explain, for example, that the first wind in the world was created by the sneeze of the “creator”. That the contemporary oleo-ducts (oil pipelines) are actually old recycled eolo-duct (air ducts). That Leonardo da Vinci is nothing less than the greatest Tamer of Winds of all time.

The inauguration of the exhibition will consist of a surreal and crazy scientific conference that will support this theory. An auction of the last breath of John Lennon is scheduled to be held!

The exhibition can be visited from November 2 to 25 at the Stables of the Cultural Center of the Vénerie.


General information of the Expo

We do theater because we like tenderness and miss the tenderness in the adults

The Wind Tamers is a broad, original and complex universe that is expressed through various artistic disciplines.

  • The first proposal is a theatrical show for all audiences "The wind Tammers", winner of the jury prize at the Au Bonheur des Mômes International Festival (France) in 2016.
  • The second proposal consists of the exhibition that we are proposing you to support. This exhibition opens with a crazy conference, based on scientific-historical-surrealist documents.
  • And finally a storytelling that uses word and poetry to offer the audience more information of the sympathetic and bizarre life of some of the most unusual characters of the whole story of the wind tamers. An ideal counterpoint to close up the circle.

Did you know ...?

... that in its original version, Leonardo da Vinci´s Gioconda was painted with her hair tousled by the wind?

... that in the era of the “one direction wind”, the main opponent in a football match was the wind?

Team Presentation

Didier, likes to play around and tinker around with rare objects that he finds in second hand markets and nature. He has a weakness for junks and all kinds of odd things that he can give new life through his artistic creations.

In theater, he´s been trained throughout Europe in different disciplines: clown, mask theater, Commedia dell'arte.

Since 2003, he has acted for numerous Belgian and Spanish companies, as an actor, puppeteer (Onírica Mecánica), clown, theater for children (Alioth), shadow theater (Teatro Asombras) or street theater (Muneka Teatro).

The creation of "Aral", opera prima of the Teatro del Alambre, marks a before and after for him at the creative level. He begins to develop his own theater, mixing different disciplines: puppets, clown, object theater, narration ..., culminating with the creation of the universe of the Wind Tamers.


20 years working experience as a technician and sound designer. He´s specialized in field recordings and creating sound spaces for scenic, literary and audiovisual projects.

Since 2012 he teaches in the Master in Electroacoustic Composition and in the Master of Composition for Audiovisual Media, in the CSKG in Madrid.

Isabel chooses the plastic expression because it is the best way to communicate what she feels, what she understands or not, what she dreams and imagines. In order to enrich her language, she has deepened in the study of art history, sculptural techniques, painting and engraving. She currently works as a teacher of drawing and painting, and is part of theatrical projects and painting exhibition, drawing and engraving.

From 1999 to 2001, Sergio was trained as an actor in Paris (Escuela Lecoq) and in Padova (Kiklos Teatro-Italia). After a collaborative experience with the Théâtre Diffusion of San Francisco (2005), he created his own company: Percutor Theater, which has produced a dozen professional creations: «Under the Scaffold», «Mixed Theory», with which he has traveled to numerous festivals: Fira Tárrega, TAC of Valladolid.

Since 2009, he is the director of the Kemadagua company, composed of physically and mentally handicapped people.

Currently, he is director among others of Totonco Teatro and Teatro Alambre.


She is responsible for Producciones en la Arena.

A producer of theater and music, mostly for children who promote theater activities and workshops for children in the Canary Islands (Spain). She has been working for more than 17 years in the world of entertainment and social movements, combining her training in participation processes with her work experience as a clown and child entertainer.


Waar dient de collecte voor

The money raised will be used to finance among other things:

- the purchase of the necessary equipment for an interactive sound installation: a wind symphony simulator connected to a wii console that will respond in real time to the visitor's movements- (speakers, console, joystick, computer, … 500 €);

- the programming of this installation by a sound engineer : 800 €
- the purchase of the necessary material for the realization of engravings: ink, paper, zinc plates, etc.: 600 €; 

- the transport of the material 800 €; and the creation of a new web page for the company : 1000 €

(5% commission for Kisskissbankbank and 3% for bank)


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