Exposition photo "Pan ! Parade"

Collective mythologies and personal desire myths, here's my very first photographs exhibition at JTN in Paris, 12-27 June 2014.

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Exposition photo "Pan ! Parade"


PARADE. Probably the word which expresses best the axis of the photographic work which I shall expose for the first time in June at Jeune Théâtre National in Paris. A parade where short-lived icons born in front of my objective during the last five years will scroll. Faces and bodies, which have been met most of the time at random through my wanderings, forcing my attention, getting my desire and building within me an eager curiosity. For an afternoon, I take them away from their lives and invite them into my open-air workshop to write with them the fantasized narrative of our meeting.






PORTRAIT. I have been photographing some of my models for seven years now. Over a period of time, a relationship is built between them and me where each follows the other in its evolution. The photography has to be a space of freedom where our multiple identities can recompose, session after session. And so takes place a mutual game of self-portrait which questions archetypes and genres.







HIPSTAMATIC. Since 2010, I use Hipstamatic application on iPhone for part of my work. It's similar to a contemporary Polaroid. You determine the virtual regulations (film, objective, flash) but cannot further modify the result. Wether you like it or not, your photo is taken. I therefore change the application's primary vocation, which is to produce instant pictures. What interests me is to use it in a pictorial prospect. Hipstamatic simplifies the stakes and produces easy readable images, while giving depth to the subject by its so particular texture sometimes. The images which I produce with Hipstamatic are as cinema photograms, extracted from movies which do not exist.






ARCHETYPE. The archetypes of virility's misappropriation is very present in my work. In the Cowboys series for example, models are presented on some kind of podium from a fair, in silvery legging, with a hat on and a gun in each hand. Accessories are passed on from model to model and I observe how they make them their own in this rather ridiculous situation. These cowboys in training rarely look fine dressed this way! However, those of them who agree to follow this way, those who have the taste of experiment and game, come alive and compose free, precarious, transgressive or funny features – sometimes beautiful as well.






EXHIBITION. From 12 till 27 June 2014, I shall present my first personal exhibition at Jeune Théâtre National in Paris. This is the outcome of a many years' work. It is an important stage, that has to be a springboard for the continuation by allowing me to develop a relationship with the public, to increase my visibility and to establish links with the professionals.




PARADE. The private opening will be conceived as a full event, with surprises, dressed up or musical interventions. You will come across some of my friends and models in a mix of dance, fair, literature and jazz. During the evening, a fairground tombola will take place.

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I have the pleasure to work on this project with a young team of volunteers, which already produced a huge amount of work.


I request your support to finance the building of my first exhibition and give it the maximum of visibility.


Your donation will allow to finance:


► The edition of photos in high definition, among which 4 large formats and 7 intermediate sizes, as well as the Hipstamatic formats and display supports.


► The catalog's publishing for the exhibition (21x21cm, 64 pages), which will be offered to the contributors having given €25 or more, as well as the elements of communication (posters, invitation cards, postage fees, miscellaneous expenses).


► The private viewing event of June 12th (elements of scenography, fairground tombola, etc.). All interventions (models, trio jazz) will be free.






If the €4000 threshold is reached, it will finance the edition of a limited series of the "Brice in summer" pad (32 pages) in 30 numbered and signed copies). A copy will be sent to all the contributors having given €500 and more.


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