Exposition photographique "жити"

Support a project on the humans in war, from the soldier to the civilians, in conflict or in exile, the one who acts or suffers it.

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Exposition photographique "жити"

After several years of trips to Ukraine to follow the conflict, and then settled there; after following a part of the Iraqi conflict last year, my project to testify about lives of men and women in war is taking shape more and more.  



The ultimate goal of these reports is to put Humans at the place of action and sensational in a war, as it is unfortunately usually done in medias.   After a first exhibition entitled "можна" (it is possible) in spring and summer 2015 in Rennes, illustrating the first months of the Ukrainian conflict, I launch today the second part of this project, "жити" (to live).  




This is an exhibition devoted to Ukraine and Iraq with once again an eye turned on the actors, active or passive, of the war. Whoever takes part in it, whether they accept and wish it or not.  

This series will be exhibited at the Kiev Regional Council in May 2017 before being exported to other cities in Ukraine, from East to West, and who knows, perhaps in France, in Autumn 2017.  




My work, from which will be taken the exposed pictures is accessible at this address:  




Because I fund alone my travels and reports, I do not have sufficient funds to carry out this exhibition project. The publicity provided through the exhibition will also help me to continue my work and my desire to testify to places where unfortunately only the sensational is reported.  




Thanks, to all of you. Those who can help financially, those who can share the information with their friends and relatives. And those who support the work of involved reporters.

Waar dient de collecte voor

The amount will be entirely dedicated to the project, in the following way:  


_ 150 euros for the printing of 15 shots in the format 90 x 60 cm.

_ 100 euros for the purchase and rental of equipment for the month of May in Kiev (frames, easels, accessories ...)

_ 50 euros for the printing of posters and advertising of the event.




The funds raised on this platform will be donated to Mathieu Radoubé

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