Exposition Photos-Dessins "Corps et âmes des femmes uniques"

UNIQUES: Bodies and Souls of Women

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Exposition Photos-Dessins "Corps et âmes des femmes uniques"

Photographic and artistic exhibition "UNIQUES" on the occasion of the International Women's day.

Article newspaper L'Indépendant, Octobre 5th, 2017

Carcassonne, France, Thursday, March 8th, 2018

Twelve volunteers and courageous women unveiled their bodies and their marks of life under Maria's camera and Aurélie's paintbrush. They told us their stories through their skins, their shapes and their faces. They are true women, like those we meet everyday. Fighters, victims, mothers, daughters, girlfriends, professionals, muses ... each has traveled a different way, events had sculpted their bodies and their souls.

Their tattoos are memories of a love, a birth, a death, the indelible writing of a strong value that accompanies them;

their piercings, an affirmation of their personality;

their scars, a reminder of suffering, a cure;

their folds, stretch marks and cellulite, an event of their destinies,

their wrinkles, riches in experience and moments of happiness;

their nourishing and intimate breasts,

the feminine love, the maternal love, a disease or the age ...

We are proud to present UNIQUES: Bodies and Souls of Women

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Beyond the artistic context, this project carries a message to all women. It touches their reality. First a message to those who trusted us, who told us about them and with whom we did the studio sessions, then to those who will discover in this work, a meeting point, coincidence, relief to through intimate identification with their own bodies, their own stories.

Helping us fund this exhibition project will highlight faces and female bodies with engraved scars, visible or hidden, and finally reveal the perfect body that each wears.

The donations collected, will allow the technical and material realization. The priority use for photo prints, presentation of drawings, frames, media campaign communication and rental of the Gallery.

This project aims to become itinerant. We want to be able to make the exhibition travel as much as possible to raise the awareness of the public of all ages and all horizons, to accept their marks of life and to be proud of them.  After the presentation to the public in the Gallery and the local press, The Hospital of Carcassonne wants the subject to be presented in their facilities as well.

We hope, thanks to your contributions, to offer you a second time, the edition of a complete work of artistic work with all the clichés, sketches and feelings of each model.

We are certain that CORPS PARFAITS will not leave you insensitive!

It's the idea :) !!

THANK YOU to all for your donations !!

Aurelie and Maria

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