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FABULABOX is a young french company which designs and produces locally eco-friendly dream toys for little and not so little children.

As parents, we were surprised to note how often toys for children under 10 years old were ultra-simplistic under the pretext of fragility and technicality.

No wonder our children are so attracted to virtual games that offer more immersion and intuitiveness.



What if we designed toys that never limit their imagination but rather help them explore it in full autonomy.





                                  FABULABOX DREAM-A-CITY


Is a unique construction game that allows children to imagine and assemble freely their play scenery.



Each box is composed of a set of original printed cardboard pieces from FSC forests. 

Assembled with their bioplastic plugs, the cardboard pieces turn into rigid building blocks.




Children freely choose their spot on the game boards included, and can start over as often as they wish (nothing is fixed ou glued, that's what freedom is all about!)


All sets are compatible between each other and with children’s own toys, small cars and bricks.

Everyday your children can build a different and unique scenery to fit their own stories. 




Playable by one or more children from 3 years old, Fabulabox Dream-a-city arouses their creativity and understanding of the world. 







Pre-order today the 4 PRODUCTS of our 2018 collection:





Inspired by Bricklane London, street art and funny monsters meet for the greatest joy of little and not so little children.

13 cardboard elements, 10 bioplastic plugs , 2 game-boards

Unfolded format: 22x44 cm









Walk up the river and get carried away by the beauty of the colored frontages. They are home to an intense and joyful life your children are going to love.

13 cardboard elements, 10 bioplastic plugs , 2 game-boards

Unfolded format: 22x44 cm






QUAI DU LION (big format) - 95€ 



More elements and a larger playing surface for this beautiful gift. Perfectly fitted for one or more pudding architects. 

26 cardboard elements, 24 bioplastic plugs , 4 game-boards

Unfolded format: 44x44 cm








Your turn to customize your city! Color the frontages and roofs and invent new stories.  

A refill format of 8 elements to combine with your other Fabulaboxes 







1st Level: 8 000€
YIPEE ! Thanks to you we have our GO for production 

Delivery in June 2018


2nd Level: 15 000€
BONUS: 5 exclusive Fabulabox postcards in your delivery... to invite friends to come and play! 


3rd Level : 50 000€

MEGA BONUS: We add a Ready-to-draw element within ALL deliveries for even more creativity and personalisation.  





FABULABOX, who is that?


A young french company of 4 big children (Alexandra, Carole, Indoudianne and Mohammed) who cherish their ability to marvel and question.


A committed company who respects children's creativity, intellect and health: 





=> Where are we now?

After launching our brand and products at the International Toy fair of Nuremberg, our goal is to sell our toys in all your favorite toyshops this summer.




They stand by us:



Waar dient de collecte voor

3 objectives in this preorder campaign:

- meet you and get your feedbacks (and support hopefully!)

- finance the 1st production

- be referenced in all your favorite shops (talk about us!)


In details:

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