Women of Akunnaak, Greenland - Photo Documentary

An art residency in the heart of an Arctic village

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Women of Akunnaak, Greenland - Photo Documentary

Come and meet an Arctic village by supporting a documentary photography project.


In the heart of winter on the west coast of Greenland, the small village of Akunnaaq (68 ° 44'N - 52 ° 21'W), around fifty inhabitants, will welcome four artists of different horizons. Hosted under one roof to take the time to create, exchange, meet Greenlanders and share their daily life, for one month.

An artist residency Le Manguier, supported by Fujifilm and Hans Lucas.

(photo by Théo Giacometti, a former resident)


Here, I'm interested in the people, who make Greenland a country as much as a territory. More particularly women, for what they convey of the transmission of values, family and community heritage, life lesson and love. And maybe because I'm a woman.

Photograph landscapes and dwellings, while taking the time to discover yourself, forge links, to reveal yourself to each other. Then, photograph moments of life, portraits. A photographic project for a month, to take the time to understand what makes Greenlandic identity, in order to offer a sincere and sensitive visual testimony.

Between the confined heat of the interiors and the freezing cold of the exterior areas; between festive community and solitary hunting; between isolation and internet connection; between sled dogs and snowmobiles. To meet one people, a vision of the world.


This environment inspired me the desire to reconnect with the blue magic of cyanotype printing, by experimenting with direct impressions mixed with the use of negatives. It is an old alternative photo process. Two chemicals (but non-toxic) are mixed and applied to paper to make it photo-sensitive. We then put objects and / or a negative on the paper, then we expose it for ten minutes in the sun. The paper will then take a Prussian blue hue on the exposed parts, and remain white on the others. Rinse with water, resulting in a unique handmade print.

The children of the village will be able to discover this technique during a workshop which I will animate in collaboration with their teacher.


My images want to tell sensitive, sincere and documented stories, with a fondness for the wildest places.
They seek to explore the relationship between man and his environment, in clean and authentic images.

Please have a look at my portfolio here: lorraineturci.com


French photographer, I studied photography at the Beaux-Arts in Nantes and at the University of Paris VII. I spent several years in Montreal (Canada), then embarked as a photographer on cruise-expedition boats to travel the world, from the Arctic to the Antarctic.

Last year, I followed a university course in documentary photography, and now work on long-term projects with personal writing.

My work has been exhibited internationally and has been awarded several times. It recently received a "favorite from the ANI", was a finalist of the "Info d'or digital info visa" from France Info 2019 and the "Student photo reportage prize", was a winner of the SIPA Awards 2018.

The production studio Hans Lucas support and display my pictures since 2019.

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The fund-raising is set at € 1,800, but this trip will actually cost me a minimum of € 4,000 (participation fees at the residence € 2,800, plane tickets at € 1,300, photo and cyanotype equipment, equipment for the cold). The fees charged by Kisskissbankbank are € 144.

This presale will cover a part of tthe art residency particpation costs amounting to € 2800, for heating, food, accommodation and travel on-site, as well as the equipment for the cyanotypes.

Also, Fujifilm is supporting this project by lending a medium format camera.


If we reach more: Thank you !!!!!!! I can then finance exhibitions on my return.

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