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Phototaxis. The movement towards lights.

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Financez l'Exposition PHOTOTAXIS

The exhibition PHOTOTAXIS will be held in Paris from 25 to 31 October this year. In this exhibition, we use light as an artistic expression from the point of view of science and philosophy to stimulate the interaction between light and humans and how to influence the social behavior of human beings after the development of synthetic light sources and electronic devices.

Roland Burkart, Grid visual, video

In our exhibition Phototaxis, we discuss not only the aesthetic value of light as an artistic expression, but above all, we explore the scientific relationship between light and humans through this exhibition. The interaction between complex social behaviors. Light plays a vital role in regulating our circadian rhythm, one of our natural biological rhythms: human beings are naturally dependent on physical and psychological light. In addition, light can easily create and intervene in space, leading to different perspectives of the same space and a feeling of integration in the virtual space. In this exhibition, from the point of view of science and philosophy, through different interpretations of light in the history of the development of art, inspiring the natural, social and personal aspects of light.

Pierre Bellot, Untitled (Japenese bath painting on paper), 2017

We have invited six young artists to this exhibition and hope to promote and support their artistic creation through our exhibition.

Roland Burkart, a French artist based in Munich, will present his work of video art this time.

Mali Arun, a French artist based in Berlin, Germany, will present her installation this time.

Helen Dowling, a British artist based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, will present her neon works this time.

Emilie Brout and Maxime Marion, two Parisian artists, will present their installation this time.

Pierre Bellot, Parisian artist, will present this time his paintings.

Waar dient de collecte voor

We are five students from l’Institut d’études supérieures des arts, coming from China, Italy and Japan. We will organize our graduation exhibition to complete our studies at the Untitled Factory Gallery in Paris from October 25 to 31, 2018.

All the fundraising is used for 4 parts.

1. Gallery rental, 65% of the funding;

2. Transportation of artworks, art insurance and support of the artists, 25% of the funding;

3. Decoration of the gallery and vernissage, 7% of the funding;

4. Communication, 3% of the funding.

Thank you very much!

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