Flesh and Stone

Flesh and Stone An analog photo and movie report of a journey through the landscapes of Spain. Expo / concert / self-published book.

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Flesh and Stone

Valentin Duciel


My name is Valentin, born in 1993 in Orange, I grew up between the city and the countryside in a middle-class family, without ever lacking of love or anything. I embellish my life with travels and experiences, in order to rediscover those things that matter to me: adventure, nature, encounters, love ... Photography is my main occupation, and almost exclusively in analog in order to focus on the present moment and to be consistent to my world inspired by the Beat generation, the sixties and their libertarian movements.

On the road, with my traveling companions, in the deserts and the mountains, in the huts, by the ocean, I capture moments of life that are dear to me without staging and without frills. Far from the dehumanized towns, the great spaces with the people I love, are a real shelter, a protective hut.


My project

"Flesh and Stone", aspires to transpose our liberated human condition into the heart of raw and authentic nature.

Organic, complex, warm and fragile flesh in the middle of the cold and solid rocks, of Bardenas and Sierra Nevada.



Accompanied by Thomas Mascheroni, an Italian friend met on the road on my last trip, as well as Thibault Lévêque, composer, singer and photographer, we will cross Spain, from north to south. This journey will take place under the sign of freedom, through desert landscapes, in the midst of forests, to the encounters of locals people, backpackers, hippie communities and others roamers who exist here and there.




Obviously, the purpose of this crowfunding is not to finance our trip, but the upstream part: the purchase of film and super8 films, as well as downstream: the costs related to the realization of one or more exhibitions and editing a photo book.

At the middle of february, from Lyon to Sierra Nevada, aboard Thomas' old camper van, my objective is to bring back beautiful images, as raw as stone and mainly in analog, as well as a super8 movie retracing our adventures , to share them with you.

Upon our return, I would like to visit the big cities with my adventurous buddies to present these fragments of existence to you through an exhibition including: The projection of the film, concerts, meetings and exchanges ... And if you will allow me to do a self-published book in limited quantities, including our journey log, pictures and thoughts.


Our Journey



Our motor-home



Un aperçu de mes photos





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Waar dient de collecte voor

We take 100% of the trip to our charge (gazoline, food, drinks etc ...). However, to remain faithful to my photographic work, I chose to photograph almost exclusively in film, so I need your help to buy films, super8 and their development.

Accessing the second tier would allow me to perform one or more exhibitions (as described above).

Reaching the third tier would be incredible, allowing me to self-publish my own book, which would be a bit yours too.


First Stage : € 1,200

Photo equipment :

- 35mm film : 220 €

- Polaroid films : 60 €

- Super8 spools : 200 €

- Films development / digitization : 350 €

- Super8 film development / digitization: 350 €

- Miscellaneous costs


Second stage: € 2,200

exhibition :

- Quality prints + frames

- Screen and projector rental

- Rental of exhibition venues

- Miscellaneous expenses (drinks, sound equipment rental etc ...)


Third stage: € 4,500

Photo Book :

- Production and layout

- High quality printing in order to give quality to quantity


* (If a level is not reached, for example the last one, the book can not be edited and therefore can not be offered to the contributors, for that equivalent counterparts will be proposed to you (large format prints, triptychs etc ...), but I'm counting on you) :).


Entity to receive the funds: Valentin Duciel (myself)

(If the target is not reached, your donations will be fully refunded).


Thank you in advance for your support,

Thank you for doing things, that counts a lot.






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