Fleurs d'Equinoxes

"Equinox Flowers" is a poetic short film about past loves and souvenirs, happening in the late 60s, remembering WKW's In the Mood for Love.

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Fleurs d'Equinoxes

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Synopsis :

In the 60s night parties. While Marie was visiting an appartment to finally settle down with her lover André, the landlord, Anna, discovers that Marie is the new love of the man she loved many years ago. André, him, discovering that the appartement is the place he previously lived, starts to remember his lost memories, while Marie forces him to settle down with her. 

L'équipe :

Director/writing/production : Ludovic Bontemps

Dialogues : Laurent Bernard

Cinematographer : Pierre Hosselet

Leads : Paula Isiegas, Nathalie Meunier, Alexandre Lino

Cameraman : Benjamin Liberda

Post-prod sound : Gianluca Kegelaert

Music : Simon Vanneste

Editing: Harold Bauthier et Ludovic Bontemps

Hair and make up : Vivyane Dewals

Sets assistant : Adrien Raemdonck

Food and suits : Marie-France Hemberg

Precious Help : Louis Peroo, Anthony Zollo, Pierre Van Der Lynden, Diego A.

Thanks for your support, we invite you to have a look at the teaser above !

The visual inspirations come from In the Mood for Love (and most of Wong Kar Wai's films) ; Akira Kurosawa and Takeshi Kitano for the composition.

We hope to release the film in April 2019 and thus send it to festivals by the next spring !

The idea of the project came when an old person went to a retirement house : his home was going to be renovated and sold. By pure luck, we were able to visit the place before and made a proposition to shoot there a movie, before the restoration. The house is goergeous, everything has been kept as in the 60-70s, furnitures, windows, and especially the plenty of retro wallpapers (those will be used for the film credits).

By the lack of funds and qualified persons, the film will not be shot on film stock as intended, but we will keep the 1,85 aspect ratio (unlike the fake 2,35 in most of the acutal produced short willing to imitate a "cinema" look...) !

For any complementary information, don't hesitate to contact us, people or companies, everyone is welcome to help :)

Contact : ludovic.cinema@gmail.com (reply under 10 days)

Waar dient de collecte voor

The gathered funds will be used for the making of the short film, its post-production and its future distribution.

Details of expenses :

Actors : 900€

HMC : 600€

Food : 300€

Equipment + Technical stuff : 1000€

Festivals (part of it, we hope to be help by the local WBI funds) : 70€

Total : 2770€ (92%) + 240 (8% KKBB+bank fees) = 3010 round 3000€

If the gathered funds exceed 3000€, the money will be used to pay the registration fees in festivals (40 to 85 $ for American festivals, travel fees if selected are of course not included) and provide a better distribution and worldwide visibility of our work ! Thank you very much !!

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