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Fox Spot

One night in Nice, Geoffrey drank a glass. Although the Irish Bar is usually crowded that evening it was nevertheless desert ... and Geoffrey in search of sociability and festive atmosphere, is found is really frustrated, like the bartender and manager.


Geo : "How is it that in 2016, we can not know in real time where the atmosphere is great good?"


Fred, the manager : "Above all, how do I can attract people to the last minute?"


Tom, the connected barman : "Oh guys, a bar or nightclub What is it? It's a real social network. We meet, we share, we exchange, we love, we recommend it!" 


Knowing that the future of social networking is a mix between virtual and human exchanges, the ephemeral and anonymity are the trends of tomorrow and a minute on 4 spent online is spent on social networks, thus was born the the idea of creating a revealing application environment in real time and a community where everyone finds the pleasure to meet for real!


Geoffrey, joined by one member, named Fox Spot (it's smart!)


the idea?


The principle is simple: the application reference all night facilities of a city and the users location based on their entry into one of these establishments, feed the mood barometer.




The app?


Fox Spot, it is your free application and a closed circuit community (username and avatar).


Why an username and avatar?


Let see, I'm sure you have already experienced or heard of the famous picture at a party where you do not appear to your advantage and that the next day, appears on a social network and launches a long long long long day of smiles, mockery or disapproval of your friends, colleagues, bosses and family worse!


And our users?


Our users are looking for real relationships, sincere and genuine. So yes, at Fox Spot, we believe that the best tips come from customers themselves. On Fox Spot, our members can publish opinions and even post a fleeting picture.






How we earn money?


Yeah, and pay in? This will be the bars eager to promote their brand, who pay monthly subscriptions for a complete profile to be visible on the events calendar of the application and interact directly with customers (great great great tips).


And the Dream Team ?


Fox Spot is carried today by 5 friends and 1 sponsor.




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OK Guys, but where are you?


Quite simply, the progress of the project are:  


* The company is formally established

* The design of the screens and the graphics are complete

* Any functional documentation is written

* The marketing plan is underway

Waar dient de collecte voor

The collect will be used to accompany Fox Spot in various stages of development.   Several major steps are planned in the coming months. It is only thanks to your contributions we can achieve them and give birth to Fox Spot this summer!


More specifically, the first step is to develop the application Fox Spot:


€ 8500 to finalize the development on Android and iOS

€ 4500 to develop back office application (account management etc.) € 2,500 to fund the designer (Web Site integration of screens in the application, avatars etc.)


In addition to our share capital (€ 10,000), your help will allow us to complete this first step.


And if we exceed our expectations?


If, thanks to your generosity and trust in Fox Spot, the collect exceeds the expected amount, we plan to launch Fox Spot more widely and afford, anywhere to NEVER miss your evenings. We can then optimize the launch and publicize Fox Spot through communication campaigns.


For example, € 5000 to improve communication campaign on social networks And € 2,500 to enable a Community Manager to participate at the Fox Spot adventure.


The roadmap


By April: launch of the crowdfunding campaign and development of Fox Spot website

In May: Establishment of partnerships with institutions

From April to June: Development of the Android version

From May to June: communication campaign to accompany the launch of Fox Spot

In June: official launch of Fox Spot

June-July: Development of the iOS version  


Contact the Fox Spot team


Fox Spot is looking for good people and competence in the areas of digital marketing, mobile development, back office development or communication to reach us.  


To contact us, write to us, ask us questions.

The only solution is :


We count on you and your generosity.

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