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‘Civilisation started with indigenous people and will end with them.’

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a My film, "A Breath in Time | alterNativa" is a "medicine story" an opportunity for us to reconnect and regenerate, based on indigenous wisdom, and thus change the course of our lives on Earth. I see the sharing of this film as an opening to a meaningful and inspiring conversation leading to wise action. My name is Despina Economopoulou,, and I am a Greek filmmaker. My inspiration to make this film after meeting the main leader of the Amazonian people, the Cherubin shaman, in 2015. My first-hand experience, seeing how he and his people view all of life as relationships, and leading through their hearts, fundamentally touched me. In 2017, during a vision quest, I received the message to illuminate this unworthy perspective of life through the art of my filmmaking, in order to create a different trajectory for the future than the degenerative one we currently face. This will allow us to evolve with all humanity in harmony. I saw a connection between the ancient past of my own country and the land, Delos, where I feel indigenous, and the Wirarika people and the Cofan indigenous people. THE FILM The narrative of the film tells the story of a being from the distant future who arrives in a world where only rusty remnants of humanity exist and desolation reigns. She travels to the Amazon and discovers how to reverse this narrative and change history. I looked for traditional avenues to try to produce the film, but because it didn't fit the parameters of mainstream cinema, I was rejected several times. I was told that this documentary would not be produced. This led me to partner with Maria Scordialos,, who immediately understood her purpose and agreed to bring her experience as a host creating regenerative spaces and help produce the documentary. We are creating a process for producing and distributing the film in a distinct way that will be aligned with its purpose. The film will give people the opportunity to participate in meaningful conversations so that they don't just watch the film, but engage and integrate its message and move to wise action. Delos and the Amazon "Somos una sola alma, como hay un solo mundo" "We are one soul, as there is only one world" Creation Myth A short teaser video for our upcoming documentary "A Breath in Time | alterNativa" a

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<p><br /> <strong>The initial phase of researching sources and writing the narrative of the documentary</strong> is <strong>completed</strong>. In addition, <strong>80% of the filming in Greece</strong> has taken place.</p> <p><br /> We are currently <strong>seeking funding to be able to complete the film</strong>, in particular to <strong>film the Cofan people</strong> and in particular <strong>the 107 year old shaman Cherubim </strong>and his<strong> family</strong>. This must be done by September 2021. Then, the <strong>post-production</strong> completion phase (editing, special effects, music and sound design, final mix, color correction, subtitling, graphics, etc.) will take place by the end of 2021. Finally, <strong>distribution</strong> will begin to take place in 2022. Our goal is for this film to reach a &quot;critical mass&quot; of people on all continents, who will then act in their communities and inspire others.</p> <p><br /> Outside of traditional distribution channels, we will also begin with a network of people from the Art of Hosting Meaningful Conversations, a global network of practitioners, who will become our ambassadors to create spaces where the film will be screened, then host inspiring conversations and guide ongoing actions in the community.<strong> This is a viral strategy with the goal of networking.</strong></p> <p><br /> Specifically, we are looking for <strong>funding for the camera</strong>, as well as to cover <strong>the costs of travel</strong> <strong>abroad</strong> and other <strong>equipment and people</strong> needed for filming, such as a <strong>sound technician, director of photography, etc.</strong><br /> &nbsp;</p>




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Photos of the Amazon and Delos the two locations of the film

Estimated delivery: December 2021



Inspiring video with filmed material

Estimated delivery: December 2021

Co Traveler


Preview Directors Cut, i.e. first cut of the film

Estimated delivery: December 2021



Named co producer of the film and appearing in the ending titles. One to one session of a meaningful conversation with regards to the making of the film and the issues aroused from its narrative

Estimated delivery: December 2021

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