Dov'è Liana - Production of our first Album - Fundrasing

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Project visual Dov'è Liana - Production of our first Album - Fundrasing
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Dov'è Liana - Production of our first Album - Fundrasing

<p style="text-align:center"><img alt="" src="" width="100%" /></p> <p style="text-align:center"><strong>The project :</strong></p> <p>The idea is to support the creation of our first album, which will be released in late 2021.&nbsp;We really need you for the production of this album, be sure that it will be something as beautiful as Palermo&#39;s streets by night. And be aware that helping us now with this crowdunding,&nbsp;is making us able to create the best album we can !&nbsp;❤️</p> <p style="text-align:center"><br /> <strong>Dov&#39;&egrave; Liana :&nbsp;</strong></p> <p>Dov&#39;&egrave; Liana is a band based in Palermo, composed of 2 DJ&#39;s and a singer. The band was founded in 2020, and is the result of the love we have for house music, disco and Palermo.&nbsp;What we aim to give is the love we have to see people dance, laugh, and dance.</p> <p style="text-align:center"><br /> &nbsp;</p> <p style="text-align:center"><strong>Counterpart</strong></p> <p>The idea is to thank you by giving for each donation above 50&euro; a copy of our first vinyl (including Perch&eacute; Piangi Palermo, Ecco la notte and three exclusive music) in limited edition (we will sign it and write a poem for you on the vinyl cover ;) ).</p> <p style="text-align:center"><img alt="" src="" width="100%" /></p> <p style="text-align:center">&nbsp;</p> <p>You can also help us with other donation, for example for 15&euro; we will send you an exclusive unreleased Dov&#39;&egrave; Liana music&nbsp;&nbsp;;)</p> <p style="text-align:center">&nbsp;</p> <p style="text-align:center">&nbsp;</p> <p style="text-align:center">&nbsp;</p> <p style="text-align:center">&nbsp;</p> <p style="text-align:center">&nbsp;</p> <hr /> <hr /> <p style="text-align:center"><strong>Vinyl&#39;s tracks</strong></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><em>Side A</em></p> <p>Intro by Rocco</p> <p>Perch&eacute; Piangi Palermo</p> <p>Ecco La Notte</p> <hr /> <p><em>Side B</em></p> <p>Intro Disco Palermo</p> <p>Janvier</p> <p>Perch&eacute; Piangi Palermo EDIT</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <hr /> <p style="text-align:center"><strong>Thank you so much everyone for supporting us in any way, it touches us a lot, we can&#39;t wait to meet you and make you dance all night long! ! Baci a tutti !</strong></p> <p style="text-align:center"><img alt="" src="" width="100%" /></p>

Allocation of funds

<p>The idea is to support the creation of our first album, which will be released in late 2021. As many of you may know, the creation of an album is quite costly. We&#39;ll have to record our musics in a professional music studio, buy music equipment and call on professionals for the mixing and mastering of our sounds.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>


Featured reward

Very first Vynil of Dov'è Liana - LIMITED EDITION


  • 29 contributions
To thank you for your support, from 50 euros in donations, we send you the first vinyl of Dov'è Liana, in a very limited edition (50 copies).

Estimated delivery: May 2021

Exclusive unreleased music


  • 6 contributions
Thank you so much for helping us ! We'll send you by e-mail a private link where you'll find an exclusive unreleased music, part of our future album which will be released in late 2021.

Estimated delivery: April 2021

Dov'è Liana Fans' Pack


  • 15 contributions
We love you. <3 You'll find in the pack : Dov'è Liana's first vinyl (LIMITED EDITION) A dedicated Dov'è Liana's poster An exclusive music

Estimated delivery: May 2021