Funk This Ship EP Release

Support belgian funk-rock music by contributing to the production of Funk This Ship's first EP : Childish Inappropriate Whiteboy Funkrock!

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Funk This Ship EP Release

Funk This Ship is a band formed by four eccentrically named musicians - Lancelot, Eliott, Démis and Virgile - who have decided to funk radio wishy-washy playlists with their imaginative compositions.

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Between good vibes funk and booze seeping atmospheres, this first EP involves different styles and lean on the five first inappropriate stories of these four adventurous procrastinators.

► Tracklist :

  1. True Story
  2. Salted Moment
  3. Trains
  4. Bernard le Renard
  5. All is Good 

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Vinyl pressing
First of all, this crowdfunding will allow our fans to acquire the limited (red!) edition record of "Childish Inappropriate Whiteboy Funkrock", currently produced at DeepGrooves pressing plant. For those who do not have the appropriate record player, it will represents a huge sense of belonging and an artefact of an inestimable value. Moreover, the record contains a download code that allows the Kissbankers to acquire our music online.

Studio session
The money will also be used to pay off our colossal debts due to tiresome studio sessions that led to the EP. #havepity

We are creating several goods (tees and stickers) to allow our community to parade during concerts !

Musical Creation
New funky tunes are coming and it would also be a great challenge to make quirky videoclips to illustrate our music !

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