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Join us, support and finance the use of the solar energy as the lighting source for a healthy light within the reach of all!

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Gab by Light




The energy exclusion is a reality which touches and weakens a great deal of populations worldwide.

Native of the Gabon, a central Africa country, my sister and I were not able to miss observing certain facts which constitute the everyday life of numerous inhabitants:

- Insufficient supply of electricity on a national scale (defect of lighting)

- Unballasting and frequent power cuts (access to the lighting restricts by district and per hour)

- Interruption of economic activity for micro and small companies

- Frequent household accidents (burns and poisonings due to kerosene lamps and other alternative processes)




All these reports thus encouraged us to strengthen the colossal work of the state in its campaign of electrification, by the supply of sustainable and responsible devices allowing the Gabonese people to reach the light.





Enlighten the everyday life of the Gabonese by leading the light to all! For us, this light does not have to be a luxury reserved only for the people who have means. It is important to act for all, for those who face a non-existent access to the electricity and who evolve far from it , in not linked zones for example; and also for those who have a limited access to this electricity.

Gab by Light will bring them a modern and operational solution. The use of our solar-powered portable lamps is a viable strategy of lighting. This strategy allows to supply all communities, city-dwellers and country-dwellers, a clean energy looking forward to the national electricity networks.




The idea to import and to market solar-powered portable lamps at a lower cost was so born! This will being added to a number of actions offered us a real opportunity: an exclusive partnership for the distribution of a range of solar-powered portable lamps on the Gabonese territory.


Previous actions

- Researches for products with an effective, reliable and not polluting technology

- First contact with the supplier

- In-house supply and essays on lamps (autonomy, resistance, design, test on the solar panels, test on cables supplied to reload mobiles and small electronic devices, etc…)

- Investigation, with our lamps, on a night market and collection of first impressions on them. The interest carried on our products was lively; certain people wished to buy some immediatly. The need is real.






The call to Kiss Kiss Bank Bank to implement this project will allow us to commit the first phase:

- Place a first order in shared risk with our supplier

- Confirm, in a national scale, the interest for our products

- Obtain statistics of sale towards each proposed products


Incoming actions

- Travel to the Gabon

- Purchase a sample of 300 lamps

- Contact with the identified distributors (mass-market retailing for large distribution, micro and small companies, politics and ministries for donations)

- Signature of order forms

- Formation on our lamps in house for the various points of sale

- delivery on sites

- Follow-up of the progress of sales and establishment of statistics

- Write and present the definitive business plan at the bank to engage the second phase: the exclusive partnership with our supplier


Our objective is to launch this phase in the course of November, 2014. So we shall be capable of proposing our lamps in the sale from December and taking advantage of the influx of Christmas to make our prodcts known.


Gab by Light aims is to improve the everyday life of Gabonese people, our approach is social and ecological above all. That is why, the rates which we shall fix to our partners will be the lowest possible so that themselves can practise interesting consumer prices. In this way our lamps will be accessible to the largest number.




By participating in the import and the distribution of our solar-powered portable lamps you contribute, in an active way, to the improvement of the standard of living of the Gabonese.

Waar dient de collecte voor






What if we exceed our goal?


Dear Kiss Bankers, if your generosity surpasses our expectations, Gab by Light will then have the possibility:

- To buy a sample more important than 300 planned lamps

- To multiply travels in province and in back zones

- To strengthen the communication around our products

- To supply a more consequent contribution to our financial partners



Convinced by Gab by Light’s project? Do not hesitate any more, become an actor of the change of life quality of numerous Gabonese. How ? By joining and by participating in this  social entrepreneurship project through this collection Kiss Kiss Bank Bank.


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