Contemporary art gallery in the heart of Cyclades

HELP for the creation of a very different contemporary art gallery !

Project visual Contemporary art gallery in the heart of Cyclades
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Contemporary art gallery in the heart of Cyclades

<p><strong>Number 1</strong><br /> In the Cyclades, on a small rock,&nbsp; 7km by 14km, I dream to open my first contemporary art gallery for the season 2019.<br /> Development and publicity&nbsp;of&nbsp;M&eacute;diterran&eacute;an artists.</p> <p>From may to october</p> <p><strong>Number&nbsp;2</strong><br /> Make an artist place (kind of &quot;r&eacute;sidence&quot;)&nbsp;&nbsp;in order to organize together actions for the environment and the sea. Also with children.</p> <p><strong>Number&nbsp;3</strong></p> <p>YOU are an artist ? Show me what you do if you are interested (easy to carry).</p> <p>I can make you famous !</p> <p><strong>Great potentiel</strong></p> <p>Thousands of visitors every year, from the whole world !!! And they like art !!</p> <p><strong>What I need</strong></p> <p>I need the first money step :</p> <p>&nbsp;transport, seasonal rental,&nbsp;insurances, and communication.</p> <p>I already have a house.</p> <p><strong>How am I going to communicate ?</strong></p> <p>Besides the classical com plan(social medias, local net...) , I&#39;m going to make an unusual campaign heading boats in the Mediteranean. On the island, many many visitors came by boats and sailing boats.</p> <p><strong>Now in 2019&nbsp;</strong></p> <p><strong>1.</strong> No art gallery&nbsp;on the island.&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>2. </strong>On the major route in the Cyclades for ferries. In season, until 15 ferries can stop by day. Thousands of tourists every day.</p> <p><strong>3</strong>. I lived there a few years and have family, friends. I know many people also on other islands, Paros, Mykonos, Crete ...</p> <p><strong>Supports</strong></p> <p>7 artists are okay to give me their pieces, painter, contemporary artists, photographer, sculptor...</p> <p><strong>You ???</strong></p> <p>Merci :)</p> <p>Thanks :)</p> <p>Efkaristo :)</p> <p><br /> &nbsp;</p>

Allocation of funds

<p>seasonal rental, transport, insurance, communication</p>


Featured reward

Invités VIP de Allo Soirée tapas & musique


Invités VIP de Allo Sur le port, le restaurant musical Allo offre une vue imprenable sur la baie. La cuisine travaille les produits frais et locaux, dans une belle créativité toute méditerranéenne. Le soir, la musique live résonne, et fait danser ! De mai à octobre... Pourquoi pas des vacances dans les Cyclades ? Cette île est un rêve !

Estimated delivery: May 2019

Photographie galerie numérotée et dédicacée par les artistes présentés.


Photo originale numérotée de l'île et de la galerie dédicacée à votre nom Format 20x20cm

Estimated delivery: September 2019

Création en bois flotté de by grace (image d'illustration by grace)


Format : maxi 30cm de long

Estimated delivery: October 2019

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