Gang de Grand-Mères

This is the story of the "Gang of Grandmothers" who knit, beanie, bow-ties, headband... by genuine French grandmothers.

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Gang de Grand-Mères


Hi everybody!


What is GDGM: “Le Gang de Grand Mères” ? Our Granny's Gang didn't approve of traditional gangs of Villains. Therefore, this new brand is born for creating hand knitted hats by genuine French grandmothers. A real craze amongst our first customers has strengthened my motivation to transmit the know-how and values of authenticity with the Gang’s Touch!.



Our brand offers you the chance to innovate and add your own personal touch by creating your fashion accessory in 3 easy steps:


1 select the shape, Bowtie, headbands, scarf.

2 choose your colour amongst our exclusive colour palette: snow, ochre, mustard, blue, ash black, Pearl, red.

3 choose your preferred grandmother to make your bonnet tailored with love (Chantal, Nicole, Angele, Mado...)


You will receive your accessory within a week... be patient... it takes a little bit of time to achieve such a unique piece for a person who is just as unique!



Today could constitute a real collective in the “Granny's Gang ". I favour the use of noble materials for the realization of the products: Merino wool, Alpaca and Cotton from Egypt, as well as wood for our logos. Each accessory has a unique and distinctive character which makes it an exceptional object of quality.


Five hours, that’s how long it takes for Françoise, Chantal or Colette, the knitters of “Le Gang de Grand Mères” with their "100% French Touch", to create your hand-made hat in Avignon, the land of the famous wind, “the Mistral”.


Each GDGM Logo is engraved on wood laser in Aix en Provence, and then they are painted by hand in our workshop: both of these techniques tell you that each piece is completely unique.


« The environment »


All of our hats are designed, made and hand knitted in France and the best wools are selected in terms of quality and comfort.

GDGM believes in ethical products and eco-friendly so I guarantee a minimum composition of 65% of pure wool for incomparable warmth, with a reduced logistics impact.




« Knitting a Social link » :


Our goal, dynamism image of seniors, Yes we give 10 % of our Turnover to this association. Thank's to our program  KNIT SOCIAL CLUB in collaboration with the association “Grannies of the Gang” which alow to grannies to do activities.




The Stylist of the Gang »


I am Hugo CAMUSSO, entrepreneur and fashion creator, born in Avignon, the city of Popes, 25 years ago. Fascinated by my mother’s sewing machine since my childhood, quite naturally I became passionate for Art handling and tame textiles and made it a means of expression. 





My environment, my intuition for trends and the people I met along the way widely fed the inspiration for my creations.



Become friend !  


Today GDGM is distributed in boutique from Paris to Saint Tropez at:


GAB & JO 28 rue Jacob - 75006 Paris

CQFD Concept store 16 Place de la Principale - 84000 Avignon

L'Escabeau by marie France 7 Rue Sibille - 83990 Saint-Tropez

Tulavu l'artyshop 5-7 rue Félix Éboué - 13001 Marseille

Mobile de Curiosités  159 rue paradis - 13006 Marseille

Léon & Augustine 5 rue André Saigne - 24000 Périgueux

Boutique Gary  9 place Ferdinand Buisson - 84800 L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue

L'Hair de L'Isle 146 Avenue des Sorgues 84800 L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue



Soon in your city: Nantes, Bordeaux, Lyon, Lille, Toulon, Montpelier, … thank's to you  !




Deliver first 200 Contributors  : November 2015


Deliver from 201 to 400 Contributors: December 2015


(think about our beanies for Christmas!)


Followers : January 2016


We need you !



Waar dient de collecte voor

I need your help because I have noticed that the French know-how is beginning to get lost, and isn't currently as cherished as it is abroad, so this is why the inception GDGM wants to make knitting with high quality wool current and fashionable today.


My goal is to raise € 10000 or 400 accessories 


Rewards: In order to thank you at best we have implemented an advantageous presale system of our future line GDGM, to make it more fun:


·       Porte clés « Woody » 15 € au lieu de 20 €  

·       Bracelet « Apache »  25€ au lieu de 30 €

·       50 Colliers « Le Gotha »   30€ au lieu de 38€

·       50 Head Bands « Lola »  30€ au lieu de 39€

·       50 Bowties  « Le Nantais »  45€ au lieu de 59€

·       50 Bowties« Wool and Wood »  50€ au lieu de 59€

·       50 Bowties « Pharaon»  55 € au lieu de 65€

·       50 Beanies « Le Toulousain »  50€ au lieu de 59€

·       50 Beanies « Le Nantais  »  60€ au lieu de 69€

·       50 Beanies « Le Nantais » Bicolore à 100€Image3-1441549690



· B-1441549935 Le_nantais-1441550930 Wool_adn-1441551196







If I reach €10000:


Thank's to you, I will be able to:


- Organize a shooting/Video to present the new collection


- Buy materials first for the creation of my new butterflies nodes, headbands and scarves.


- Develop a beautiful packaging and send you optimally our beautiful creations


- Place the collection on the platform THE FRENCH TALENT allowing us access to the best European Marketplace and facilitate your access to GDGM on your favorite website (Gallery Lafayette, Cocardié Dressing, the P'tit Frenchies...)


-I f I reach more than € 15000: I can organize a parade and an evening of launch of quality

So if you believe to in GDGM, look below the gifts that we have reserved for you!




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