Gaze, the magazine of female perspectives : N°2!

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Gaze, the magazine of female perspectives : N°2!

Building on the success of its launch campaign, thanks to your support and enthusiasm, Gaze was able to enter the publishing landscape with a first issue, and a growing community of women and men eager to renew their imaginations, open up to women's stories, and participate in the revolution of representation that is underway. Issue N°2 is coming in June!

In issue N°2...

  • Witness the gentle encounter between Canadian writer Nancy Huston and French author and sex worker Bebe Melkor-Kadior
  • Follow reporter LaurĂšne Daycard to meet older lesbian couples on an intimate and political quest
  • Discover the most personal of Morgane Ortin's love letters : a letter to herself
  • Follow in the footsteps of Kathleen Hanna, who guided the punk riot girl movement in the 90s
  • Listen to the secrets of a modest mother-daughter duo, on heritage and trans identity
  • Embark on the future with an anticipation story by Illana Weizman, at the heart of a parenting revolution
  • But also: the specialist in art history Margaux Brugvin, the Kurdish journalist Zehra Dogan, the photographer Denisse Ariana Perez, the tireless advocate of equality Rokhaya Diallo ... And many surprises.

What is Gaze?

Our imaginations have been shaped by the male perspective for so long that they are in dire need of alternatives! It is with this ambition that Gaze, the magazine of feminine perspectives, was born in 2020. Gaze is a beautiful semi-annual object without any advertising, between magazine and book and bilingual (French-English). Through intimate stories, immersive reporting and a ton of photography, it explores the social, intimate, and cultural issues of the condition of women. It is entirely thought out and made by women and non-binary people.

Support indépendant publishing!

To pre-order the second issue of Gaze is to treat someone or yourself to a beautiful independent magazine with rich, unique, and inspiring content; It is also supporting a project led by women (which is still far too rare in the publishing world), who support the work of women and non-binary people with multiple profiles and remarkable talents.

Because we have imagined a responsible economy for Gaze, we have chosen a pre-sales system that allows the right number of copies to be printed, avoiding waste and allowing the magazine to last. Pre-ordering issue 2 is also helping us to install Gaze in the editorial landscape in the long term.

Who is Gaze?

Gaze gives way to different contributors in each issue. And behind the scenes, they are a team of four women.

Gaze is also a mixed gender advisory board, made up of actors of change who share its values: Laurianne Melierre, journalist and media entrepreneur ; Ariane Geffard, literary agent; JérÎme Ruskin, founder of media platform Usbek & Rica; Elvire Duvelle-Charles, filmmaker and feminist activist, founder of Clit Révolution.

Waar dient de collecte voor

Gaze is an ad-free magazine. We have built its model in such a way as to guarantee its editorial independence: to be sustainable, we need the support of our readership!

The magazine is a beautiful object that we want you to enjoy proudly exhibiting, collecting, coming out of your bookshelf in two, five, ten years. We have also chosen to print it in France to reduce its carbon impact. Manufacturing, therefore, constitutes a major expense item; the second item of expense is of course the remuneration of the contributors because each is paid for her work.

Beautiful rewards to join the movement !

We offer you rewards with which you will be proud to show your support for Gaze! A brand new tee-shirt with a slick design to wear your sisterhood on you (the design that you see here is placed on the back side) ; a sheet of stickers to display your feminism everywhere ; and finally, large format limited edition prints from 5 talented female photographers with whom we have collaborated.

Our prints, from left to right : Lucile Boiron (flowers), Adeline Rapon (autoportrait) Joanna Wiezbicka (self portrait tee-shirt), Aline Zalko (factory on fire), Ulla Deventer (woman chewing gum), Elena Helfrecht (snakes). You can see them in full on our website (here) and choose your favorite.

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