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Golf, destination les Universités américaines

Since I was 13 years I have dreamed of becoming a professional golfer and I am going to do everything to make this dream come true. So my plan is to continue my studies in an American University, whilst playing at a high level in the university golf team. This should enable me to fulfil my ambition of becoming a professional golf player.

In my opinion American universities are the best means of advancing and progressing in my academic and sporting life. I intend studying for a sports degree whilst simultaneously representing my university in the golf championships. This experience will aid development my golfing skills and will enable me to become a professional golfer. The time spent in an American university will allow me to discover a new culture, a different way of life and a new language. All of these changes will help me develop personally, physically and will give me the mental strength and fortitude that is necessary in professional life.


I want to attend an American university to study sports with a particular focus on golf. Golf has a very important place in American society, and this is replicated in American universities. Whilst being a student there, I will benefit from the very best facilities and will experience the very best training methods. For the duration of my studies, I will be mentored by a number of coaches who will ensure that my training will be of the very highest level. Access to weights rooms, covered golf training areas and a variety and varied golf courses will hone my golfing skills

As a member of the university team, I will participate in the frequent inter-university tournaments are organised throughout the year. This will be give me the opportunity to compete against the best players in other states or regions. My individual ranking will, as a result, improve and should allow me to participate in the American or the British Open Amateur Championship. Attending an American university and specialising in golfing sports studies is a recognised way into the professional world of golf. Many of the best players, including Tiger Woods and Jon Rahm, in the PGA Tour have followed this route.



Since I have been in my final years of study in lycée Emmanuel Mounier à Angers, I have made choices that so that I could achieve my dream of becoming a professional golfer. Initially I thought I was faced with two choices;

1) stopping my studies after finishing lycée and to concentrate 100% my training ; 2) continuing my studiesand putting my dream if becoming a professional golfer on hold

=>Then I realised that if I applied for Sports Studies in an American University I had found a solution which would allow me to continue my studies whilst still playing golf. Since passing my Baccalaureate in July 2018 I have committed everything to enable me to study in America.

Golf Preparation

Since September I have engaged in intensive training, 6 hours per day on average. I follow a programme which has been devised by my golf coaches to help develop all aspects of golf including swing, putting and golf courses.

Physical Training

Every morning I train for one hour to develop my core strength and improve my breathing. In the afternoons, I train for 1hour 15minutes in the weights room. Through this regime, I have gained 8kg in weight and improved my strength and muscle development. This has given me considerable advantage over my competitors. I have also gained endurance and stamina. I am to play several tournaments and golf courses one after another and on occasions, I have played 2 x 18 hole courses in one day.


I have invested in golf clubs which have been adapted to my swing and this has allowed me to be more competitive.


From April until May I will be participating in big prize competitions to allow me to improve my ranking.


I am learning spoken and written English to allow me to study in the Unites States. I am also studying for the TOEFL and SAT, which are compulsory exams required for entry into English speaking countries. I have also enrolled in ‘Wall Street, English.’ This is an English course with teachers and it involves 2 hours of study per day, 6 days a week.


To give myself the best chance of securing a place in an American university I have acquired the services of golf coaches to help develop my physical  and mental strength. I also enrolled with an agency which should help me find American universities which are best suited to help me realise my dream of becoming professional golfer.

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What will the crowd funding be used for?

To enable me to realise this dream, in 2018, I have already spent €12,000 on coaches, clubs, competitions, agencies, English courses and examinations. Universities in the United States are not free and the tuition fees are very costly. The universities that I am hoping to attend cost between €30,000 and €40,000 per year. Thanks to my level of golf, the universities will give me a grant of approximately half of the fees. To pay the second half, I have taken a student loan and am supported by my family. This leaves me with a sum of between €3,000 and €6,000 per year to find. This is why I am appealing to you. Donations given through crowdfunding will help me pay my university tuition fees and will allow the possibility of me staying in the United States for the 4 years necessary to pass my Bachelor’s degree.


My Partners

They have helped me :

  • Sport and golf

ASGAP [Association sportive du golf d’Avrillé la Perrière] -

Maxime BAUDRY – Coach mental

Isabelle LAVIE, Maxime TRÉMAS – Les pros du Golf d’Avrillé

Guillaume LE GROS – Préparateur physique

  • Professionnally

Valérie DUCRET – Graphiste

Estelle JOLLIVET – Formatrice

Alice MARY - Étudiante en licence information communication

Marion OTT - Architecte, Designer

PORKEPICOPIES [Imprimerie, travaux graphiques, reprographie] - 1 rue Aristide Justeau I 49100 ANGERS  

Wall Street English (Thibault GAUTIER et son équipe) - centre de formation d’anglais

  • Family and friends

Patricia et Jean-Louis A. ; Françoise et Olivier C. ; Françoise et Daniel C. ; Morgane D. et Thomas C. ; Pierre-Etienne D. et Marie C. ; Marion O. et Louis C. ; Marie et Mickaël C. ; Maryse C. ; Philomena Grace D. ; Hélène et David G. ; Julie, Pauline, Romain G. ; Claire L. ; Guillaume et Cécile M. ; Reine et Roger P. ; Emmanuel M. ; Estelle N. et Dorian H. ; Elsa N. ; Caroline et Shaun N. ; Catherine et William N. ; Anita et Didier P. ; Éliane et Antoine S.

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