GreenEcoBox - an ethical & eco-friendly concept

"Faites-vous plaisir pour un monde meilleur"

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GreenEcoBox - an ethical & eco-friendly concept

 Treat yourself with gourmet or cosmetic products created by exceptional artisans

For a better world: Each sale triggers a donation to a new organisation every month and a tree is planted

GreenEcoBox, what is it?

GreenEcoBox, it’s all about ethical monthly or bimonthly boxes that donate a substantial portion of each sale to charity and plant a tree where it needs to be. GreenEcoBox makes you discover original eco-friendly products created by artisans in Europe, products that can’t be found in the grocery store.

GreenEcoBox proposes 2 boxes:

  • The Bee happy box: Think of the bees 🙂 The exclusive gourmet box, filled with full-size, natural or organic artisanal products, always with sweet and savoury products, a drink, a natural cosmetic, a plant to grow in its pot, a small paper with seeds with a little humor, and exquisite goodies 🙂 And very important the donation of 4 € to a new charity and a tree planted in the world with a certificate.

Its price: 42 € delivery included in Europe/UK.

  • Beauty in the box: Natural cosmetics for the whole family, with soaps, shower gels, shampoos, facials and body care, all full-size of course, a small paper with seeds that makes you smile and its goodies for your treat. All these cosmetics are certified paraben free, sulfate free, non tested on animals, cruelty-free. For this box, 3 € are donated to a new charity and a tree is planted in the world, attested on certificate.

    Its price: 33 € delivery included throughout Europe/UK.

Together we are strong

A new charity every month, a new project to which each box contributes, it’s all about the GreenEcoBox mission. On one hand, the discovery of artisans creating ethical products, on the other hand the discovery of charities and their ecological projects. From the launch, GreenEcoBox chose as partner Greenpeace and its project about bees and the agriculture and WWF with its campaign on biodiversity in the Alps.

GreenEcoBox has set up a program to target different areas every month ranging from natural resources, such as drinking water (Water Footprint Network), food, energy, to endangered species, an integral part of biodiversity. And then, there is the must-do tree planted with each sale. GreenEcoBox has chosen OneTreePlanted as partner and targets each month a different region of the Globe.

The list of charities grows every month ...

Everything in transparency and equity

Transparency from the choice and composition of the products in the box (natural or organic) to the amount donated to a new charity every month

Equity / Fair trade:
> Support artisans: Make them known and pay at the right price
> Support charities: substantial donations (€ 4 or € 3 per box every month)
> Offset our carbon emissions (shipments) and contribute to reforestation: 1 tree planted every month for each client (the certificate of the planted tree is sent with the box to the client).


  • A unique and coherent concept: every time we consume we make a donation.
  • Ethical in consumption, whether gourmet or cosmetic.
  • An eco-friendly charter: Carefully selected products from exceptional artisans and delicately wrapped in organic wood wool (wood wool to be used later for plants or in the garden), all in a 100% recyclable cardboard box closed with paper tape.
  • A choice of useful cosmetic products according to a precise schedule and communicated in each box to the customer to avoid overconsumption, purchase of redundant or superfluous products.
  • Exclusive partnerships with non-profit organizations such as Greenpeace and WWF, but also OneTreePlanted, MEDASSET, Water Footprint Network, Willows Hedgehog Rescue and more to come.
  • GreenEcoBox is international: Accessibility of the site in English, German and French and delivery worldwide.

​All about Numbers

  • Launched in February 2018
  • Unique visitors: 45,000
  • Promising growth: +10% subscriptions per month
  • International: 1st English customer still subscribing today🙂 Sales and subscriptions all over Europe, even in Martinique
  • Loyalty: 60%
  • Average subscription period: 6 months
  • +200 selected artisans in Europe
  • 5 non-profit partner organizations, to date more than 2400 € donations donated
  • +600 trees planted since its creation on 4 continents

The team

Once upon a time there was GreenEcoBox, an "out of the box" idea that needed to be realized as soon as possible: Good for you, good for the Planet. Benjamin shares this idea with Christine, his mother, and together they establish the principles of the company, lay the foundations and get started!

Benjamin, it’s the ideas that make the customers happy, it’s the precious discoveries of valuable artisans, every chosen product is excellent, also the small goodies in each box. It’s also a momentum of youth, adventure and innovation.

Christine, it’s this commitment for ethical products that do not hurt the Planet, this choice of non-profit organisations that make the difference, and this customer relationship in several languages. Experience and qualifications in marketing and management help, of course.

The website it’s Philippe, the master of the place, the one who knows how to make everything work.

For the graphics it’s Tony, all about fabulous powerful in-depth images, essential, always with smile and humour.

And finally Yahto, the white shepherd with his long hair and his friendly smile, the one who can wait, make laugh and run after his "Kong" when GreenEcoBox goes into pause mode. 

Waar dient de collecte voor

Everybody loves the GreenEcoBox’ concept, no negative comments from our customers, subscriptions on the long term and even customers who subscribe to 2 boxes at the same time. GreenEcoBox would like now to expand its offer to meet the expectations of customers and need your support to concretize these ideas:

> Launch the box -discover the concept- "Make you happy for a better world" at 20 € per month > Total budget 850 €

• Small recyclable design box (400 €), organic straw (100 €), stickers (200 €), tissue paper (50 €), seeded paper (100 €)

> Launch gift offers according to the seasons or wishes> Total budget 1.300 €

• eco-friendly travel bag (350 €)

• Gift box chocolates (300 €)

• Set of 3 extraordinary syrups (350 €)

• Discovery box of exclusive teas (300 €)

(*) The budget includes all supplies to compose each box (on the basis of 50 units per type of box)

> Open a range of popular Lifestyle products in its eBoutique> Total budget 850 €

• Eco-friendly glasses (300 €)

• Eco-friendly bags (200 €)

• Vegan bottles and water bottles (100 € + 100 €)

• Everyday objects (cutlery € 50, straw € 50, cotton swab € 50, all eco-friendly) (€ 150)

> Create a business offer, so that companies also contribute to the concept and that we multiply our impacts and commitments together> Total budget € 1,500

• 200 Brochures: creation (500 €) and printing (1.000 €)

> Animation video: presentation of the GreenEcoBox concept for on-site distribution and social networks: Total budget 1.000 €

> Ads to make these new offers known thanks to your donations: Average budget 900 €

• 3 press articles in targeted magazines

• Targeted Facebook ads

> KissKissBankBank Commission: 440 €

Estimated total cost: € 6,900


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