Ground : Premier Album solo de Fred Nemo

Take part in the birth of GROUND, FRED NEMO's first solo album

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Ground : Premier Album solo de Fred Nemo

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FRED NEMO was not always alone, but it's only that he ended up finding himself.
His unique voice and indie folk music echo the uniqueness of Fink and the virtuosity of Thom Yorke. Fragile but intense, tortured but authentic, never to cheat.



After the EP JUNE BALLAD released in 2016 and available here and on all platforms, FRED NEMO needs you to release his first solo album GROUND, which will be available in December 2018.



In The Morning, from June Ballad EP:




Ground is the land from which we come, the starting point of our flight but also the reality of our fall. This first album will give you my emotions born of a brutal childhood, disappointments in love, a desired ideal and a will to find a meaning.



Ground is 11 titles related to each other, like a story that is written to be remembered, it is also the meeting of my experiences and my friendships that accompanied me throughout this adventure.



The acoustic sonorities of the beginning are reinforced by humano-electronic rhythms that accentuate the power of the voice as its fragility. Mixing guitar, piano, cello, beatbox, drums, MIDI sounds and electric solos, this first album is determined to take root in the listener's head.



Rusted Butterflies, from Ground:




Thank you for helping me to make this project a reality by pre-ordering the available counterparts such as the Digipack CD version, in digital version, with a collector's poster, a special t-shirt or other services and exclusive products.



Ground will be available in December 2018.

Waar dient de collecte voor

The collection will be used to reimburse the costs that have already been advanced for the sound and visual realization of the album and may contribute to its finalization and the production of CDs and goodies planned for its release.


- Recording of the album in studio - Mix - Mastering: 1 180 €

- Realization of the clip - Calibration - Montage: 500 €

- Design, manufacture, sending of Digipack CDs, Vinyls, T-shirts, ...: 2 000 €

- Percentage donated to + bank fees: 320 €


This crowdfunding allows you to pre-order the album with or without a derivative, which will guarantee their reception in December 2018.


Being the only one to produce this project, I specify you that I will perceive the entirety of the collection.


If this collection exceeded the total amount of fees, the amount collected will be used to produce new clips to illustrate other titles of the album, the manufacture of derivative products in case of higher demand, the organization of concerts in France and in the world and any other musical event. Each new news will be relayed on social networks.


Everyone who contributes will be loved and thanked for their extraordinary generosity :)



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