GUIVE & the ORA - Sortie d'album

The long-awaited album of GUIVE & the ORA is about to be released!! Join us in this crucial step of our adventure !

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GUIVE & the ORA - Sortie d'album

« Guive is certainly one of the most gifted singers as of now. With his band Original Reggae Addicts (ORA), he's crafting an album which will surely make some noise. » Reggae Vibes Magazine


After 5 years of existence and multiples gigs, time had come for us to hit the recording studio to make our first album : « Music is my Healing »

After 5 years of existence and multiples gigs, time had come for us to hit the recording studio to make our first album : « Music is my Healing »

It comes with 14 titles : 13 songs and 1 dub version (there are 6 other dub versions that are exclusively available through the « Red pill pack » reward.

In this album you will find 10 original titles and 3 cover songs, one of them featuring Professor Liv'High who is also credited at the choir, keyboards, accordion, and melodica inside the band.

As for the sound aesthetic, we are sailing between ska, rocksteady, lovers rock and roots reggae, all the while keeping a Soul music touch.

Thanks to the joint effort of everyone in the band, we've been able to save the money from our gigs in order to pay for recording sessions in 2 of the best reggae studio in Paris.

Our album « Music is my healing » has already been recorded , mixed and masterised  in professional conditions and all self-produced.


Most of instrumental parts have been recorded at Wise Studio by Seb Houot and Fabwize whom also mixed the album and created 6 amazing dub versions ( exclusively available inside the "Red pill pack" reward )


All voices percussions and horns have been recorded at Guardian house studio by Cisko whom also had the onerous task to co-direct the album with Guive.

Cisko_et_fab2-1497993293 And finally all the tracks have being masterised for CD and vinyl at the excellent Basalte studio by Simon Capony.

The artwork of the cover is under work now.

We are very proud of the result and we are impatient to make you discover or album «Music is my healing» which will be released in the next springtime.

In order to broadcast our music in the better conditions, we have now to manufacture the discs of course, but also make promotion of it and produce video clips...  

It is at this stage that you can enter in our adventure by allowing us to make this crucial step to our project!

To give you a taste and make you discover our musical universe, we, the Original Reggae Addicts have prepared and released for several months now 5 videos paying tribute to reggae music, including the famous title "Hit the Belly" fusion of Bob Marley and Ray Charles' songs!

From these videos, we have made an E.P 8 titles called  "Hit the Belly! Showcase at Wise Studio" (availble in the rewards).This E.P includes the 5 titles of the videos + 3 exclusives versions performed by the well-known Jamaican Joseph Cotton.

About now, we are preparing an other series of  surprising videos that we'll broadcast very soon...

You can stay informed about our latest news and show your support in our internet pages:

THANK YOU for your funding and your active particpation to our musical project!

Waar dient de collecte voor

Amount already invested by the band:

1. Recording + Mixing of the album : 4500€

2. Mastering for CD and Vynil : 1500 €

3. Graphic design (logo, album cover, visuals) : 600€

4. Production of our 1st video clip "Bienvenue à Paname" :1000€

5. Pressing of 1000 cd E.P "Hit the Belly" : 800€

6. T-shirts Manufacture of  Guive & the ORA: 500€

Total  : 8900€

Money raised will allow us to:

1.  Vinyl Pressing and pay reproduction rights: 2000€

2. Production of the video clip of the song "Music is my healing" :1000€

3.  Press agent : 2000€

4. Promotion (advertisement, web, magazine, flyers,usb keys,etc...) : 1000€

Total : 6000€

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