Sex Kino's 'Scream In The City' Vinyl by HEARec

Support the first vinyl pressing by the electronic music label HEARec in association with Sex Kino.

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Sex Kino's 'Scream In The City' Vinyl by HEARec

  1. Sex Kino
  2. 'Scream In The City' EP & Remixes
  3. HEARec


Stockholm based electronic music duo, Sex Kino is the New Wave and Dark Disco project by English singer, songwriter and producer James Brook (ex Pardon Moi) and Swedish artist Josefine Larsson. Forged in the forests of the Swedish archipelago, Sex Kino is at the cross-roads between Rock, Disco and Folk. delivering hypnotic rythms suited for the dancefloor as well as the radio.

In 2019, they released their first release 'Who Do You Love' on Roam Recordings counting with remixes by Alejandro Molinari and Theus Mago. Sex Kino signed with HEARec and started this year with their debut single 'We Have Ways Of Making You Dance' available for streaming and purchase.

You can now have a glimpse of their multimedia artistic work by watching the 3 teaser videos made for the soon to be released EP 'Scream In The City': 'Vorsprung Durch Musik', 'Don't Look Back' and 'Something Inside of You'. You can also watch the single's teaser released earlier this year. The artwork cover for the EP and the single were made by Josefine.



  • We Have Ways Of Making You Dance (HEARec):


  • We Have Ways Of Making You Dance:


  • Don't Look Back:

  • Something Inside Of You:
  • Vorsprung Durch Musik:

  • Scream In The City:


The vinyl will include 5 original titles by Sex Kino and 2 special remixes by the Mexicans, Cabizbajo and Alvee & Fausto. All mastered by K-Effect.

  • Tracklist Sex Kino EP ‘Scream In The City’ (Original Mix): 
  1. 'Scream In The City',
  2. 'Don’t Look Back',
  3. 'She Gotta Move',
  4. 'Something Inside Of You',
  5. 'Vorsprung Durch Musik'.

For the project we gathered a beautiful panoply of very talented artists in order to reveal all the facets, and the possibilities this EP has to offer. 

  • Tracklist artists Remixers:

- Alvee & Fausto (MEX) / 'Don't Look Back' - Remix (Digital & Vinyl),

- Back From The Wave (FRA) / 'Don't Look Back' - Remix (Digital),

- Bonnie Spacey (FRA) / 'Vorsprung Durch Musik' - Remix (Digital),

- Cabizbajo (MEX) / 'Scream In The City' - Remix (Digital & Vinyl),

- Connor (BE) / 'She Gotta Move' - Remix (Digital),

- Diaz Tech (MEX) / 'Don't Look Back' - Remix (Digital),

- Javier Martinez (MEX) / 'Something Inside Of You' - Remix (Digital),

- Harrison Y el Mundo (MEX/FRA) / 'Scream In The City' - Remix (Digital),

- Leonor (MEX) / 'Scream In The CIty' - Remix (Digital),

- Samuel Lupían (MEX) / Something Inside Of You' - Remix (Digital),

- Tiempo de Maldad (MEX) / 'Scream In The City' - Remix (Digital),

- Persona (CHL) / 'Vorsprung Durch Musik' - Remix (Digital),

- Pvlomo (MEX) / 'Don't Look Back' - Remix (Digital),

- Youkounkoun (FRA) / 'She Gotta Move' - Remix (Digital),


Happily Ever After RecordingsHEARec, is a creative collective and an electronic music label with its main bases in Berlin, La Paz and Paris. We produce, publish our music and podcast on online streaming platforms. We also organize events around Europe in Paris, Berlin, Bordeaux, Hamburg, Toulouse and Munich with artist from our label like Mila Dietrich, Gentry, Till Noon, La Croix & La Bannière, Nesstor and guests like A Strange Wedding, Arabian Panther, Bonnie Spacey, Diggin' Speakrine, Lapse of Reason, Garçon Manqué, IV Horsemen, Leonor, Sinus O. In recent editions at l'International, we have welcomed an average audience of 450 people and have been able to count on partners such as Heeboo, Traxmag, Air Beat, Manifesto XXI, Dure Vie, PWFM and Kraze.

HEARec's history began in Berlin in 2016. The label was founded by Johan Lindblom, Ahoui and Alex Lieber, Till Noon. In 2017, the label was taken over by Gentry, the Bolivian duo formed by Nicolas Quiroga and Christian Fernandez. With their arrival at HEARec, the duo set up the label's activity in France and began a real policy of artistic development with increasingly important titles and EP releases. In 2018, two long-time friends completed the team. Diego Mouchet, El Mosquetero, takes charge of the artistic direction and Camilo Vega Farfan, SHDW PPL, boarded as operational manager.

Our different paths, our experiences and our various collaborations have led us to share with people from all over the world: Germany, Argentina, England, Bolivia, France, Spain, Mexico and Sweden.Since then, more than twenty people, artists, friends and volunteers have contributed to this great ongoing adventure. To celebrate the 5th year of our young existence, HEARec is launching a collaborative self-financed project. This project aims to press a vinyl our next realease : HEAR0032 'Scream In The City' by Sex Kino accompanied by a extensive series of remixes.

Waar dient de collecte voor

The rewards are in exchange for your support to the label, the artist and the realization of this project. The values​​ of solidarity and sharing are at the heart of our approach. Today, we need you in order to carry out our project.

The funds will be used to finance the costs related to the production and promotion of vinyl, as well as it's mastering by K-Effect and its distribution (shipment envelopes and boxes).

  • Costs related to the project:

- Production : 1500 € 

- Mastering (K-Effect) : 500 €

- Physical Distribution: 150  

- Crowdfunding costs : 8%


  • Music Production of Sex Kino original & remixes from october 2019 to april 2020
  • Digital & Vinyl Mastering by K-Effect from january 2020 to may 2020
  • Project Financing until july 2020.
  • Vinyl Production expected between in august 2020
  • Vinyl Sell & Delivery expected in novembre 2020).

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