Hippominot, animations en calèche en Bourgogne


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Hippominot, animations en calèche en Bourgogne

Far is the time when horses' hooves beat the pavement, but that was without counting on Victoire, who thrills young and old! As a teenager, I imagined myself walking the tourists of a campsite in the Vercors, with my horse harnessed to a carriage. For mid-mountain landscapes, I may have to wait a few more years because my professional life has led me to put my suitcases down in Burgundy. I now live in Minot, a small village in Côte d´Or. Certainly, it will make you dizzy with its 504m of maximum altitude! But the tourist attraction of the village is undoubtedly Victoire! A 12-year-old mare, Auxois draft horse, whom I have been pampering since 2016! "Look, it's Victoire! "All the children in the village are impatiently waiting for her, because for Advent she adorns herself with bells, a red and white cap and pulls a carriage decorated with garlands. Victoire is led by a Santa Claus who has more than one trick up her sleeve, between hauling, distribution of gourmet baskets, village tour for young and old! You guessed it, my leitmotif: share my passion for horses and for driving carriage! From adolescence to adulthood, this dream was preserved, silenced, then awakened and today, THE professional project was born. Obtaining the diploma of "Horse carriage driver for tourism" (MATE) gives substance to this project, for events throughout the Côte d’Or and neighboring departments in France!

Allocation of funds

I need a helping hand to carry out a complete overhaul of the carriage, change the worn parts, and thus ensure this activity in optimal conditions of comfort and safety. • U-shaped stretcher with steel lifting beam € 240.00 • Complete upholstery refurbishment € 820.00 • 4 Wheels with tread € 840.00 • Maintenance lubrication checking wheel bearings € 140.00 • Rear axle air suspension assembly € 450.00 • Assembly of 2 lifting beams + master lifting beam + drawbar assembly € 350.00 • 4 tension springs 138.00 € • 4 stainless steel clips € 20.00 • Complete repair of the brakes € 416.00 • Round-trip transport to the workshops: € 481.80 Total including taxes € 3,895.80 The overall budget exceeds the amount set for collection. Because the important detail is that if the initial objective is not reached all is lost and the participants will be reimbursed. Better to see less to reach the amount, and even exceed it thanks to your generosity;)

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